The accompanying tables are: STATISTICS OF FORTY-FIVE CASES SEEN AT THE typhoid fever were admitted to the wards of the Roosevelt Hospital. Jacobi, he was unable to say whether the age of the horses had any bearing upon the amount of natural immunizing power of their blood serum. In an advanced stage the electro-contractility of the affected muscles is notably diminished or lost. Respiration may be interfered with, owing to the increased dorsal curve causing such approximation of the ribs as to interfere with their free movement. Loose white bone fragments are removed and bone ends not covered with granulations within six weeks from time of injury are nibblad a'u-ay.

If the steps described above are adequately taken, as a rule no septic fever, no destructive suppuration, will follow an accidental injury; though aseptic fever due to absorption of non-decomposed secretions may often enough Tissues or bone, whose vitality was compromised by the crushing force causing the injury, will be gradually detached.

Brondel, in Revue Midico- Chirurgicale des Maladies des Femmes, mentions a case of sterility resulting from cervical catarrh, and the successful treatment of the disorder, and states that iodine is the only remedy which gives satisfactory results He considers that the best way of using the medicine is in its nascent follows: Add two drachms and a half of iodide of potassium and fifteen grains of iodate of potassium to two ounces of water; then, by means of a rod wrapped with cotton dipped in the solution, apply it to the cervical canal; following this application by that of a solution of citric acid, two drachms and the latter in its nascent state b thus in immediate contact with the diseased part. The angel of death assumes the particular form which will best serve his purpose; e.g. It is met with in isolated cases, whereas, the causes of scorbutus generally affecting masses, the latter affection usually i)revails as if it were summer and autumn, while scorbutus prevails especially in the winter or spring months.

I have in two cases been obliged to discontinue a sawing operation by RAU: LABOR IX THE FRAUEXKLIXIK OF MUNICH. In some c from the abflcess is discharged externally in these situatic Aphasia may be caused by inflammatory softening or brain, as well as by other cerebral lesions, especially when morbid cbatiges ia in tbe left anterior lobe of the cerebrum The causation of circumscribed cerobritis, and absoee exclusive of the cases in which it is connected with tun sence of a clot, and of the cases in which it proceeds fron head or affections of the bones of tlie cranium, is obsc this respect aflbrding a contrast to meningitis. An old clean bed-sheet was ripped into roller bandages, which were laid into the lotion. Frick, chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company, will build a hospital for children on Squirrel Hill, Pittsburg, within the next year, at a cost of forty acres which Mr. He had seen less serious results in other cases, in alcoholism, in typhoid fever, etc.

Starting from the well-known fact that an arterial murmur may be caused by pressure upon the trunk of an artery, he asked himself what phenomena corresponded to this murmur, if the pulse corresponded to the tone, or what perceptible movements of the arterial wall can be called forth by compression. It was shown in twentyfour hours that there were no Loeffler bacilli in her throat. When he was nailed to a specialty under the stress of endeavor and earnest hard work his hidden talent was discovered, and he has developed into not only a skillful operator but into one of the acknowledged authorities in Great Britain on genitourinary diseases. The autumn hayfever, for instance, in the East, is due principally to the ragweeds We have a"spring" hayfever in the Gulf States also, which is due to the oaks and cottonwoods, and one in Texas due to the cedars.' The extracts should, therefore, be named simply from the contained pollen.

They found daily irrigation of the pleural cavity with Dakin's solution following operations for empyema of great value.

Kidneys may lie developed and end favorably hv t'e.iolutiou without nil fatty degeneration, and be absorbed, recovery in this wny taking pfta ration, if this involve great damage to both kidneys. He ordered three doses of twenty grains of antipyrin, each to be given at one, two, and three o'clock respectively, and at two and a half o'clock she had slight vomiting.

Many thousands of physicians were getting such good results, however, that the despairing cries from some esteemed leaders were not sufficiently conclusive to make them discard vaccines. This voyante, as she is called, has been so overrun with clients that she can no longer be seen except by written appointment, and numbers among her callers the highest and wealthiest in the land.

I have repeatedly advised such patients to go to bed on account of habitual rapid action of the heart when they did not otherwise complain of rheumatic symptoms, and with the best results.

The doctor puts the patient on a light diet, gives opium freely, applies a turpentine stupe possibly, if symptoms are not sufficiently" masked." gives more opium, and usually the patient recovers. Osseous growths, or ma, are to be included among the intra-cranial tumors. This period, however, promptly passed, and since that time his condition did not appear to have been much worse than during the preceding week, until last Tuesday morning, when a slight, but sudden hemorrhage ensued on a fit of coughing, and was followed by a rise of temperature, and greater weakness of the heart.

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