The patient forming the basis of the discussion was a female, aged fifty-two years, with a negative family history, who had PROCEEDINGS OF SECTION ON OPHTHALMOLOGY never had any disabling illness.

In the second way, pus is usually discharged without the formation of pneumothorax, and must be regarded as one of the most favorable modes of termination in empyema. Epilation he found did not repay the vast amount of labor it cost.

Although, as the author admits, interpretation is often a matter of individual opinion, and therefore subject to error, his contention that a logical interpretation, even though finally shown to be erroneous, is better than a muddled presentation, will be approved by most fairminded readei-s. His actions are similar to those of a somnambulist who, walking in his sleep, performs deeds of which he is totally unconscious when awakened. These contractures gradually became fixed. Furthermore, we are most anxious to have him join our staff. Of course, the source of these"tears" came from the blood that was caught between both tamponades and was forced into the nasal duct. Families lapse from wealthy positions into poverty in the course of one or two generations, because the necessities for brain with the condition of inactivity. Ferrier thinks, to establish this view. Visual fields my show extreme general contraction to a Ears: Apparently deaf for air conduction. Nevertheless, it is well, and especially in the first instancc'to have a clear understanding on tlie point.

The organization had worked smoothly. Ho mentions several instaores of the use of polluted wells, and one to which an outbreak ol receipt of parish relief, but whose relief card Is not produced, nor any patient unlets a medical order, or a medical relief ticket. The work of Xeufeld and Haendel suggested that this error was probably to be found in a difference between the bill strain of the organism used in tl' tests and that with which the patient was infected.

The final result was a lear colorless liquid. The fact that he had been a mere straggler there, and for but a brief period, mattered not. They grew the bacillus in veal peptone broth, that is, using peptone as a food for the organism. The water treatment, the third degree, the sweat box and the inquisitional methods regularly employed by the metropolitan police and their rural imitators may be endured by the sane; but they are cruel, beyond the cruelty of burning witches, to the insane. From a careful search through the literature, I find that this institution was the first of its kind ever organized, and we shall see later that it became the parent pay of innumerable similar institutions scattered through the world.

The N'isitiiifj; Committee liad sumniittcd to the council the question of the desirability of reducing the grants I'resident of the College of rhysicians, in moving the adoption of the report, regretted that their Roman Catholic discussion, and the report was adopted ( So high a mortality is due partly to the serious condition of most of these patients, of which my case is an excellent example, but the figures serve in a general way to emphasize the relative safety of enucleation of the cyst as compared to resection of the bowel: They are brought to Europe crowded up in small cages, which are not kept clean. The constant incentive under present conditions in surgery is to design more tools, since the designer receives credit from the public, and sometimes also from his coworkers, and occasionally has the honor of having the new number of tools the less must be the practice with each; the smaller becomes the chance of having a standard tool which is used by all. Is it that the Hritish gnu-ers. In performing the second operation, the fistula was enlarged to incision from below upwards; theperitoneal cavity was opened in order to obtain the necessary amount of room. Medical men and tlioughtful laymen do not perhaps need to be brought to look upon what they regard as so obvious a matter, namely, that each human being, whether or not alleged to be a criminal, requires individualized management. Yet some of the local physicians had become impressed with the fact that a large proportion of their typhoid patients were among persons who had used milk supplied by a certain dairy company which conducts a large retail business in Omaha, and expressed the view that the outbreak was caused by infection in the milk supplied by this Special attention was given, in the course of the investigation, to the milk supply as being possibly the immediate source of the infection.

Custer, Mont., is ordered for duty at Columbus Capt.

One of the earliest was the extended districts, as a representative of the Privy Council, advising local authorities as to measures to prevent disease among the starving pojiulation.

Cold appears to be the best of the antipyretics for the class of patients with which Dr. Thus, cases report w T hat must have been much larger glands, but without accurate measurements. The analytical pathologist who sees his subject segregated into a lot of interesting items is being replaced with a more.synthetic type of physician who sees the individual as such.

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