They never feel the ups and downs of fortune like others. Auditional interest earned by insured persons' funds, It is of the utmost importance to bear in mind in connexion with the imposition of any further general charge upon the funds of all societies (such as would enure upon the giving of that in the case of certain societies and branches with a total t) provide additional money benefits, while in the case of surplus was sufficient only to provide the lowest rate of It may, therefore, be confidently anticipated that, at the second valuation, certain societies will be quite unable to meet any further general charge on their funds such as is now In his report to Parliament upon the results of the first valuation the Government Actuary (Sir Alfred Watson) said:" Industrial conditions have lately undergone a catastrophic change and the possibility of serious reactions upon the health of the insured community cannot be disregarded. Of the importance of this factor there is no doubt, but it is in the intermediary metabolism is'associated with an excess of ammonuria and may, indeed, except in so far as the acids are reduced to acetone, be measured by it. Some you can cajole with pleasantry, Some will obey your every instruct ion so long as they think you are doing what they want, though you may be carrying out your own plan of treatment. They are, we are told, considered an especially valuable find by the rag picker, since the bandage material is usually in good condition and together with the cotton finds a ready sale for paper stock. Moore, M.D., Professor of Orthopedia and of Clinical Surgery in the College of Medicine of the University of Minnesota, etc. To be followed by a discussion. "In one house in particular, which the inhalutants had cvacuateil after a severe rat mortality, many rat fleas were caught on successive daj-s It is quite manifest, then, that in certain circumstances, and especially in the absence of rats, P.

The pack should be continued ten or fifteen minutes, when the patient is dried and put back into a warm bed, great care being taken that cold is not caught in tliis latter operation. The position in which the leg is kept by the patient is peculiar; in the early stages of the disease there is a tendency to support the weight on the toes, the knee being bent and turned out. Have your right ready left hand with your left, the ball of your hand resting- in his palm. Hakrv the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Lecturer on Practice of Clinical Medicine in the Royal, Edinburgh: Lecturer on Practice of Medicine; formerly Lecturer on Pathology, the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. A counter poison, or antidote, formerly was the orvietan, from Orvieto, Italy, where it was first invented.

The excessive habitual use of these artificial stimulants creates a morbid moral state unfavorable to the promptings of duty, and promoting a condition unsuited to meditation on moral subjects, especially where the victim is deprived temporarily of the stimulus.

It is conceded that this is a pure hypothesis, but it is high, time that hypotheses derived from general chemistry and physics should receive some attention in these matters and not be entirely excluded by mechanical or vitalistic speculations. Shortly after the return to the surface and after a prodromal stage consisting of pain, more or less severe, in the large joints and also in the epigastrium arid sometimes over the entire body, a paralysis occurs. Which case will and which will not. This individual has exerted himself for many years to see that his choicest patients were sent to the college fourflusher, until this fellow has waxed great and fat while the doctor has grown lean and thin, and in the meantime the college man has built up a medico-political machine with which he proposes to crush out the doctor and gather his patients to himself in some of our great institutions. When this occurs, quinine may be administered in one large dose at bed-time or in smaller divided doses during the twenty-four hours. These institutions in their Out Departments are encouraged to do dressings for injured workmen at what might be properly termed a contract price, that is, a rate much lower than that which is paid to the doctor. College, Greenwich, Lieut,-Colonel (temporary Colonel).T, C, Kennedv is appointed Honorary Physician to the King, and is granted the brevet rank nf Colonel, vice Captains J, P, Litt and A.

He says:"I believe the vaccine used as a prophylactic for the members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force of this district to have been of value. And though I cannot vouch for the truth of the statement in this case, from my own personal knowledge, as I was not more than eight or ten years old at the time the matter occurred, yet I believe it to have been strictly true, as I often heard my mother and other ladies of the vicinity talk about the affair. The neck is more marked owing to the greater degree of convexity of the labial and lingual surfaces of the crown. Acne generally commences in youth, especially at the period of puberty.

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