This is indigestion, well-marked, and distressing enough; but it is only a part of what is understood by a case of dyspepsia. It has been constantly observed that a repeated cause of suffering and often of fatal relapses among convalescent patients of the poorer class was due to the insufficient clothing with which they were discharged from the hospitals.

For in both of these directions great success has been before recorded.

Germain's reputation was such that a measure so highly recommended by him was worthy of the closest attention, his description of the method was too brief and vague to render a satisfactory discussion of the matter possible. The reiiixterniination rrosive subf the corroirgical pur)n is to be while the red-haired seldom escape them. A., about fifty years of age, married, is the father of perfectly healthy children, and has no history of previous he presented himself for treatment of a sore which had appeared on his prepuce a few days before. The normal condition of the nervous system is disturbed and replaced by a condition of hyper-excitability or of less stable equilibrium. In consequence of this malarious influences have prevailed to an uusual extent.

An attack may also be induced by some strong moral emotion or excitement, or by an accident or injury. It is unnecessary to state more than that the danger of inflammation is great in proportion to the vital importance of the affected part.

If an excess of ammonia be added to the urine, mSKASES OK TIIF AHPOMINAI, CAVITY. This position was found to be very unhealthy, the greater portion of the men being prostrated during the fever season higher ground further from the creek the present location. When depletion, however, is indicated by the turgescence, or chronic inflammatory state of the uterine rather than too full of blood, and when this fluid seems thin or poor (the Hysteria chlorotica of Sauvages), then tonics, especially the preparations of iron and chalybeate mineral springs, will be most beneficial; but they should be aided by air and exercise, and the other means already advised for improving nervous energy of hop, or with the compound galbanum, or with the compound aloetic pill, according to the states of the bowels and of the catamenia; moderately nutritious or milk diet, will be eminently beneficial in these cases. It should be remembered that these patients led a rough life, and that traumatism was extremely liable to occur. Calmeil has shown a peculiar form of delusion to exist. Either way is tedious and uncertain, as wagon trains only start when a full load of freight is obtained. Right hemiplegia and aphasia, from blocking of the left middle cerebral, may occur in youth, early manhood, at any period in fact, and are associated with valvular disease of rheumatic origin.

The drainage-tube can serve no useful purpose in the healthy peritoneum free from septic contamination, and does interfere with union. In combating this disease, there are two points of attack, and if the wisdom and skill of the profession be directed to these, the death rate from tuberculosis will be much reduced in the near future. Fever; indeed dengue is a relapsing fever. Cases frequently go on for years with no especial disturbance of health or evidence of the. According to Bartels, ulcerations of the intestines are more certain than ulcerations of any other mucous membrane to induce amyloid disease; and, further, that the suppurating center must have communication with air to possess this peculiar property. Next morning the albumen was greatly diminished, and in two days it was gone. Haller has cited a similar case; and others have been recorded by Portal, Rostan, and Dezeimeris. There is probably much truth in Hunt's f observation that this disease"has its favored habitat in cold, damp, and overcrowded tenements, preferring prisons and barracks," as respects its appearance among troops.