Such is true of localized pulmonary emphysema in infancy. Finally, attention is directed to the diagnostic value of enlargement of the spleen, said to occur especially in the chronic forms of the disease. In the afternoon he complained of being very hungry, and persuaded his sister to give him a dropped egg on topst. Furthermore, do not abandon our friends and protectors in the large and legitimate companies which have fulfilled our needs for one-half century or more. The formation of a vagino-rectal vesico-vaginal wall, certainly is not a desirable operation. SAN DIEGO COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY.

These were not very conclusive.

Miiller has fouud the parasite in the healthy human intestine, at times coveriug large areas of the jejunal surface as a thin membrane. He is also a teacher, a research worker, and an author. Lander; Karl Knieger, Rock Springs.

Lawrence County Medical Society, and the Medical Society Lucyan Francis Klimas, M.D., of Syracuse, died University, Chicago, Illinois.

Pemberton, Butte, Chairman; Subcommittee on Pediatrics: Orville M. That only that due to the virus of the infecting chancre is followed by constitutional infection, or can give rise to syphilis by inoculation. He told me that the only occurrence was that his family had moved to a occurrences, was enough to precipitate the I consider patients who suffer from severe atopic dermatitis, which starts in infancy and never clears up for any length of time, as emotionally very sick people.

The treatment proved unsuccessful in this case, and even under the most favorable circumstances, it is my experience that very little can be done for this form of local paralysis after twelve or eighteen months, for the aifected muscles become shrunken and their tissue destroyed.

Much as has been the popularity of the former, and to a certain extent of the latter as an adjuvant in certain disorders, it is the writer's belief that they are not necessary medicines. The transplantations of cartilage constituted one of the most remarkable innovations in reparative surgery.

His head rests on a low and not too soft pillow. Darke, Salt Lake City: John M. Heads of departments, many of whom are well known specialists who have given fifteen or twenty years or more of loyal, efficient service, were recently reduced to the rank of cHnical assistants to men, their juniors, who admittedly had no special knowledge or qualifications. To come to more popular books than those from which we there are many proofs." Mr.

Professor of Physical Diagnosis, Medico-Chirurgical College; Physician, Philadelphia General Hospital; Pathologist, During the past year American literature has contained many articles devoted to the theory and treatment of glycosuria and diabetes mcllitus: Designed for the Diagnosis of Pathological Conditions in Men and Women. When it acts directly, death comes by suffocation, and the pressure is usually on the trachea just above its bifurcation. Bryan of Colorado Springs, serving a new district Dr. In view of the diversified appearance of the gonococci in older cultures under these varying conditions, opinions vary as to the in Colpitis CaiarrhalU, on NutrienI longevity and virulence of the gonococcus in chronic forms of disease. He received his medical degree Medical Association, the Colorado State Medical Society, and the Denver County Medical Society.

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