Immediate operation for excision or exclusion of the bleeding lesion is not generally advised because experience has shoum that under conservative management the ultimate recovery from any given severe hemorrhage occurs in the great majority of cases where the severe bleeding is the first or second accident. Economy is essential, and I am convinced that if some sort of standardization were adopted by all depots, much money might be saved. The Secretary attended a meeting of the Cancer Committee of the State Medical Society. The osteopathic physician goes farther than these excellent generalizations in his diagnosis. This shifting erratic character of development of the lesions is quite peculiar to rheumatism and may result in the involvement of the same joint more than once during the course of a The heal symptoms are pain, tenderness, swelling, heat and redness. Tracheotomy is only required in exceptional cases. Is that the therapeutics be placed with the practice of medicine instead of pathology.

As examples of pressure effects, let us call attention to pressure of the suboccipital nerves in cases of headache. The papers were extremely interesting and evoked considerable discussion, in which many members took part.

Laboratory Tests: When blood is drawn for analysis of plasma potassium It is important to recognize that artifactual elevabons can occur after improper venipuncture technique or as a result of in-vitro hemolysis of the sample. This is our principal objections to the interposing of a third party. Such cases may be further complicated by secondary bacterial and fungous infection and result in confusion with Some cases of intractable chronic eczema of occupational origin, continuing indefinitely after removal from work, occur in elderly employees, of impaired or mediocre physical stock, with obscure foci of infection, degenerative changes in vital organs or defective metabolic processes, all of which contribute to the prolongation of dermatitis and disability. An account of her loss is given in the tow her from Calcutta to Bombay, and thence to the Persian Gulf. Dudley Corbett exhibited a case of Sclerodcrmia in an old woman with much telangiectatic change over the clavicular regions somewhat resembling an Section of Electrotherapeutics.

Here was a case showing a perfect reflex in the arm but loss of ability to will a motion; perfect sensation and vaso-motor paralysis. Four of the staff were absent on leave for special war work, and many of the girls had entered banks and public offices to fill the places of men on military service. Physicians and surgeons are declared by its terms to be in public service and are compelled to function professionally whenever called upon. Should it cover a surface of more than one or two inches square it may require several operations. As the horse is gifted with the power to think, to reason about things and objects of his own sphere, to recognize facts of his experience and memory, it must be evident to every one that any examination as to soundness would be incomplete without a careful consideration of his mental endowments. Coupled with its presentation is a request for funds, and this is alwaj's a handicap to a new organization. As a result of the ignorant use of this movement by those who are palming themselves off as osteopaths, the author knows of several cases where dangerous conditions Lordosis Upper Dorsal. From that time, Topical Application for Tumors of the Breast. Gerhart believes they are due to the absorption of decomposed digestive products.

Cicatricial adhesions succeeding an old peritonitis may so contract about the pylorus or duodenum as to interfere seriously with the calibre of these parts. The skin becomes dry and harsh, general weakness and emaciation supervene, the patient exhibits mental depression, incapacity for mental labor, restless sleep, and changes in disposition. The literature bearing on the subject is meagre, and indiTidual experience is limited, making it impossible to speak authoritatively. Argenti once in six or seven days usually being all the treatment required for its removal.

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