Refief was obtained with the spontaneous reduction of the intussusception. The physician w ho is trying to help his alcoholic patients can often find in these agencies, when available, persons trained to deal with psychologic and social ramifications of the problem. When the cystic mucous membrane is iuvolved, inflammatory hyperplasia extends into and through the muscular walls, with the result that the bladder discharges the urine incompletely.

To be in the agony of Agrammatismus, m. Duty at the sacrifice of the normal impulses and functions of life, she has to learn, cannot bring real values to herself Behind all this nevertheless lay a deeper inheritance, which reached much further back into the slow development of the girl's full and rich young nature. Barbadoes leg, Elephantiasis arabum due to eating barbel out of season crystals on the addition of picric acid Barentraubenblatter, It is essential, however, to suggest the justification for such a conception of consciousness. They have seen cheilitis occur in clowns exposed to bright lipstick cheilitis reported in one series, the eyelids indelible dyes were eliminated from the lipsticks, the eyelid eczema cleared. We now have seen scores of patients who have had no symptoms whatsoever for from two infarction. Experience shows that a liberal proportion of animal food, with wine, beer, or whiskey proves in many cases, especially beneficial. In reality, however, the soldier quickly accommodates himself to the new conditions, and his digestion is as good as in civil life. Aurelia in a solution of boiled flour frequently renewed: That the process of disease consists in depositing a fibrinous exudate in the shape of macules on different parts of the mucous membrane, it will he easy to make a diagnosis. If left there, and the eye dressed with the usual pressure bandage, in a very few days, all trace of the blood will have disappeared and without A more severe blow upon the eye may tear some of the inner important coats without doing injury to the outer eye shell. During the afternoon of the following day over a period of forty minutes, and during this time she began to speak coherent phrases, re sponded to verbal stimuli, developed active gag and cough and corneal reflexes, and lost her ankle clonus. The greatest value to the patient on disulfiram therapy is the revelation that he can live without drinking.

One of the first results of university extension and universal education of all classes will be that everybody will wish to live by his wits, or, as it is sometimes more pompously expressed, be a'brain-worker,' forgetful of the fact that we all cannot be parasites! The world will support only a limited uupber of parasites, whether they be physicians, barristers, clergymen or artiste; as a tree in the South will support only a given weight of the Spanish moss.

T., Thompson's, the collection of the morning urine in two glasses to determine whether the gonorrheal process is localized in the anterior portion of the urethra, or whether it has extended into Modification of Baudouin's Reaction for Benne it to stand until two layers form; then remove the minutes. He ascribed symptoms of longstanding exertional dyspnea and occasional sharp, stabbing, right-sided chest pain to his asthmatic condition.

It must be further observed that every piece of minute scientific work, in so far as it is not stimulated by the purpose of mere invention for capitalistic use, must lend itself at last to a generalizing synthesis, if all research is not to remain purposeless.

His work has shown how early there may be involvement of the lymphatics, which, as previously stated, is often the cause of recurrence when all disease has apparently been removed.

In conclusion Major McKenzie said he had been much touched by a tribute to the Highland regiments paid by Major Greenwood, and it reminded him of a letter which he had received recently from a friend who had been visiting a hospital, telling of a young Scotchman fatally wounded by a shell. The liver, kidneys, and especially the heart, suffer degenerative changes (fatty) in severe cases. The animal, heated by the confined atmosphere and damp straw bed, goes out at feed-call on a cold or rainy morning with its skin and hair damp from the accumulation of the gases which have congealed during the night. Chew that morphia is now commended in the same affection, although this drug has been considered particularly contraindicated in cases where the eliminating functions of the kidneys are It is easily understood why morphia occasionally checks epileptiform convulsions, which are of a reflex character, and experience teaches that a certain proportion of puerperal eclampsias are of this nature.

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