The suppository is clean, odorless ai non-staining. After seven more days this spot had increased in diameter to three-eighths of an inch, and the epidermis had ruptured in the centre and become separated from the underlying skin for some distance outwards. Then follows a week or ten days of apyrexia, followed by a second wave, The temperature again remams normal, or only slightly above normal, for three weeks, when a third wave occurs, which is shorter The temperature after this second relapse is still not quite satisfactory, having a tendency to rise slightly above the normal line, and there is seen an attempt at the formation of a fourth wave After this the temperature remains quite normal, and the patient, although still weak and anaemic, is shortly afterwards sent back to his regiment to be employed for the first month on light duty. The role of cholesterol has not been completely established but the high incidence of atherosclerosis in patients with elevated cholesterol levels in diabetes mellitus and familial hypercholesterolemia is suggestive.

In many of these regulatory disturbances, psychotherapy and pharmacologic treatment are indicated, at least as long as we do not know their physiologic substrates.

This observation, made twenty years ago, has not been confirmed In regard to the relation of the thrush fungus to the disease, one can only say, as in the case of the otomycosis, that the fungus and the inflammatory process are associations. The paroxysms seemed to increase in violence continuously, until, finally, in the acme of a most acute attack, I administered chloroform, and injected subcutaneously half a grain of the sulphate of morphia. This position has been gained by the ability, industry, add achievements of men whose names are already part of surgical history, and whose teacliings are accepted in There is much more, however, that can yet be done, and in which every surgeon should bear his part.

He presented an anaemic, cachectic appearance.

Patient's skin was blanched and wBxy, and his pulse rather quick and feeble. Ordinary slight cases, as stated, are decompressed at the rate of about one pound in four minutes, which would be allowing one hour for a pressure of fifteen pounds. The vessels of the iris paralysis of the nerve-terminals in are sometimes markedly narrowed by the stomach.

In a limited number of cases death is preceded by convulsions, and occasionally tetanic symptoms of more or less general character have been noted. For the control of infection, intensive courses of broad spectrum antibiotics each month for four or five days continuously are often helpful.

The treatment was supporting, with very frequent irrigation of the vagina and uterine cavity with antiseptic solutions.

Thornton, in closing the discussion, said that though he had never noticed this phenomenon in direct traction on the ovary, he had long been familiar with it in rough sponging of the posterior cul-de-sac, of which the effect probably was to draw on the ovarian attachments.

To which I replied, as he had asserted that there was no inflammatory action in these cases, that he had omitted to mention that pus was also found in those situations, and inquired how that was to be accounted for, except from the presence of inflammation. Shortly afterwards biscuit added to the diet, and at the beginning of March bread and butter. Watzke, of Vienna, has published a paper with the title, ominous to the ho" mceopaths, On the Causes of the Dearth of Homoeopathic Recruits. But it is in the subdivision north of the city of Umballa, that the most marked and instructive development of the disease occurs. The uterus was then further dilated with hard rubber plugs and my fingers, in order to make more room to work in.

The patient is very quiet in coming to.

Contains alkali albumen (? casein); a form of albumose and Soluble proteids and insoluble matter, are digested and absorbed in the alimentary canal. On evaporation no residue was obtained, except in a few instances, a small quantity of resinous matter, where, as before mentioned, oils had been used which had been made a long time: this amounted, in the case of pimento-water, to Two questions remain now to be settled, arising out of the foregoing experiments; first, does the magnesia enter into combination with the acid oils existent in some of opposition to the first of these questions, as the view taken by Dr. Of the previously untreated patients, THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY pounds. Demulcent drinks should be used to allay the irritation, and opium to relieve the pain and purging. As the opening enlarges the edges become more prominent, and the base grows rough and scabrous, from which matter oozes out that is sometimes tinged with blood. For example, if an seolipile of water be fufficiently heated, and fuffer'd to expel the particles of air by its aqueous vapour, this will afterwards be forcibly driven out in a large quantity, like the blaft of a pair of bellows, and occafion a lliarp, whiftlingnoifeagainft the edge of a knife conveniently held thereto. Tropical chyluria is often accompanied by fever and diarrhea. This he administers for the space of two years, using the iodide of potash if symptoms occur which call for its exhibition. And to put this paft difpute, there is many a vulgar extraft drawn with fpirit of whie, which committed to diftillation, will afford fuch different fubftances, as loudly proclaim it to that even in mineral tinftures, it will not always follow, that becaufe a red fubftance may be drawn from a concrete, by fpirit of wine, that fjbflance is its true and elementary fulphur.

This operation can be used in all the forms of biliary cirrhosis, inasmuch as it removes the biliary stasis and diminishes the congestion of the liver. It is also very useful to take warm water at mealtimes. These sections all being in session at the same time much valuable material was presented before very small audiences, the members suffering from the embarras de richesse.

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