This led to the remaining seven brothers and sisters submitting themselves to a similar test, with the rather remarkable result that the five brunettes were found to be diabetic while the four blonds (one blond having been killed several years before) were free from sugar.

These lines, he said, were but stray feathers from his poetical pinions. Now the chyle supplies iron to the red corpuscles, and contains that metal dissolved in its serum for that purpose, and when in the healthy state the chyle enters the blood through the thoracic duct, it produces certain physical changes The specific gravity of human specific gravity, and in health there is an endosmodic action exerted, which draws a considerable proportion of the chyle within the blood corpucles, the law being that heavier will draw the lighter to its own side of any membrane, in larger proportion than the lighter can draw It will be obvious now, that if we lessen the specific gravity of the fluid in which the corpuscles float, by abstracting its albumen, we shall also lessen that of the contents of the corpuscle.

In the dog the mediastinal reflections of the pleura are so mobile and offer so little resistance that a positive pressure obtained on one side of the thorax by producing an active expiration will be the same on both sides. Hume, in his account of the yellow fever of Jamaica, and of Dr. Having seen the establishment of the photographic bureau by the surgeon-general, Drs. This he often recommended to his class, assuring them that it would end to their advantage as well as to their peace of mind. Syphilitic, Strumous, and Rheumatic Diathesis. To guard against the loss of seal through siphonage" nonsiphoning" traps have been invented, that is, the traps are so constructed that the seal therein is very large, and the shape of the traps made so that siphonage is difficult. Later still the degeneration involves the superficial layers and epithelium and an open ulcer is formed with a strong tendency to extend in depth and width (texmed.org). AVarren at the loss of her eldest son, and the anguish she experienced at the thought of another being equally exposed, at last prevailed upon Dr. He makes the following remarks about it:" Upon a review of the case, I am inclined to think that an abscess was formed Abscess able that during this time the matter was making its way through the anterior lamella of the tibia, and that the pain abated soon after the matter had perforated the bone; for it ceased immediately on the appearance of a tumor on the shin. The bladder was not affected at that time.

His preliminary education was obtained at a country school during the winter months, and at the age of eighteen, having learned all then that could be learned there, he continued his education by private study.

He was told by her daughter, that in the beginning of February she was awakened by an unusual noise proceeding from her mother's room, and on her going there, she found her mother in the act of gesticulating condition disappeared, and Mrs. A tin or other metallic roof does not draw the lightning, or in any way increase the danger from it. Within its twilight precincts I have often prayed for light like Ajax, for the daylight found a scanty entrance and the gaslight never illuminated its dark recesses. And he stopped before the house where had used to dwell the man afflicted with old-fashioned consumption, and the window which had once framed his haggard, coughing visage reflected the western sunlight like a blank page of gold. These attacks of vertigo are more allied to syncope, and are consequently the reverse of congestion.

This agent had been wholly neglected by the profession at large, and was almost entirely in the hands of charlatans, and in the labor of wresting it from such hands and placing it upon a scientific basis they were the Dr. Meat inspection office Fleisch- waren, f.pl. Let me remark, however, that they spoke of the transformation of petit-mal into graiid-mal, whilst in the case of our patient, the reverse occurred, the convulsions having preceded the vertigo.

Bone-marrow affected by colloid degeneration Gallert-suppe, f. The next two cases afford examples of the distressing and even deplorable circumstances under which the surgeon is sometimes called upon to operate in cases of traumatic aneurism.

In this case, too large an opening was made in the sheath, and the vein bulged up over the artery, and embarrassed the operation very much. Hydropathic School, is a sufficient guarantee of the excellent character of the work. A Case of Gunshot Wound of the Femoral Artery near the Middle of the Thigh contributed by Dr.

Are also several very interesting and important biographical notices of physicians, who have been eminent in the profession, together with historical data of their ancestry.

The last remark applies witli, equal force to the almost exclusive reliance which by many seems placed upon local treatment in the cure of uterine disorders. Some years ago the British Medical Journal (which is probably the highest authority recognized by the medical world), in speaking of a recent German translation of this work, said:"Dr. According to the author's experience, it is more apt to follow resections in the continuity of the long bones than excisions of their epiphyses.

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