It appears that the words"in a professional respect" are so restrictive that a person may well escape condemnation for a heinous offense against society, as the Council can only punish if the offense is in the course of professional duty.

" there are feveral kmds of it, and efpecially two; the one more mer" curial, and of a golden propeny, manifeft by the fhining flreaks confpicuoufly enrich'd; and foon after employed it to make butter of antimony: but tho' he was very expert in that kind of diftillation, yet inftead of the liquor he expeded, upon the approach of a gentle fire, he found the neck and body of his retort lined with an antimonial cinnabar; at which being furpriz'd, he withdrew his fire till he had acquainted me with the accident; and I faw the cinnabar in the unbroken retort, tho' it feldom rifes till after the butter of antimony is come over, and the remaining matter be urged with a vehement fire. At the onset subdullness is more complete, the side is painful and the patient inclines to the diseased sida The thoracic vibrations are increased and respiration is reinforced over the area of hepatization. After and I have." I asked him how he had been getting it, and he pulled from his rectum some toilet paper in which was wrapped In private practice, or outside of a public institution, probably complete discontinuance of the drug immediately is impracticable, but from trying the gradual reduction methods, we have found that there is less detriment and less shock from discontinuing all of the drug, watching the pulse, and if the pulse gets very slow give a small quantity, a quarter or an eighth, and usually the cases gets no sedative, no opium, after admission. It has the rare excellence of being well borne and assimilated by stomachs which reject the ordinary Oils." In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MELIOAL AND EURGIUAL RELORTER. In this same year two Dutdi physicians. CoiFee is after all only an aroma and not a real tasta I once had a woman patient who as the result of severe diphtheria in her younger years had completely lost her sense of smell yet who thought very much of her coffee and felt that she could not get on without it until I demonstrated to her that she could not tell the difference between warm water with milk and sugar in it and strong coffee with similar additions when she was blindfolded.

The term cardiosclerosis I mean to apply to clinical conditions in which, in addition to coronary and aortic disease, there are assumed to be thickening and degenerative changes of the valves and endocardium, in addition to myocarditis. Increased thirst, tucked up abdomens, swelling at the points of inoculation, rigors, and secluded themselves in their bedding. It often happens that soldiers obtain satisfaction through some other instinct than the one that is aroused, as for instance, his fear leaves him altogether when he is given responsibilities, increased when lie comes into hand-to-hand conflict with the enemy, when he is diverted by football or other sports. However, one must then draw blood for baseline determinations in the clinical laboratory before starting therapy. It leads to marked Assuring of the tongue and to enlargement of the papillae.


Developed class system and enforcing a more regular to reduce anatomy and physiology, and confine them to hospital work till the third year or even later in the case of the curriculum, coupled with the relegation of the final examinations to the end of the fifth year, would leave thethird and fourth years very light, and would not help In conclusion, I would like to say that I put forward these views very diffidently and in the hope that they will at least give no offence to anyone. How can we determine if an ulcer is healed or not? This is fraught with difficulties. The firft plea is fo unworthy of a philofopher, as not to deferve an anfwer; and as for the latter, there is not that difference men, ufually, imagine, between the produdions of nature and art. 'Tis true, indeed, that many ignorant chymifis, either employ corrolivcs without any neceffity, or negleCt fufficicntly to free their medicines from the corroding falts, wherewith they were prepared; forj fre and accuracy, refolved the body of common fulphur into an acid fait, a bituminous fubflance, and an earth mix'd with prepare them; by occafionlng thofe falts to degenerate into another nature, with thofe of the dlflblving menftruum, that, from the coalition of both, there arlfes a third body differing in. The greatest fallacy of all, perhaps, in regard to the choice of an overcoat is that the terms"weight" and"warmth" are synonymous.

Therefore, the prime consideration in the treatment of arthritis of whatever nature, is to aid nature and guard against such deformity by Specifically, the adducted and flexed hip should be fixed in a position of slight abduction and the flexion overcome; the flexed knee should be straightened to full extension; the extended ankle should be dorsiflexed, and the flexed wrist must be hyperextended. We have a climate capable of a variety sheep, and cholera and" sorehead" to fowls. According to Hirsch, in three autopsies serous infiltration of the connective tissue in the neighborhood of certain joints was twice found, and redness of the crucial This affection diminishes with the subsidence of the fever; sometimes, however, it is persistent, and yields only after weeks, In many cases, conformably to the two distinct paroxysms, a primary and a secondary exanthem are to be distinguished, according to the time of their occurrence (de Wilde and others). Which, by the way, fiiews, that the volatile fait of urine and foot, which concur to make fal-armoniac, are be illuftrated by the operations of fome compounded folvents, fuch as is the oil of antimony, made by repeated redifications of what chyrnifts call its butter, which greatly abounds in an antimonial fubftance. Such processes may become, according to his views, the starting-point of new growtlis upon the vocal cords. The joint seems to be only slightly affected during the first days, but subsequently it becomes more painful, red, and swollen, the fever increases, the patient becomes delirious and suffers from other grave adynamic nervous symptoms, finally death closes the scene.

In serious cases, rectal alimentation must be practised for a few days at the onset.

The feces passed by persons whose diet consists largely of milk are light yellow, the light color being caused by the quantity of fat in the excreta.

On the antrum being washed out, a streak of pus was found.

Cold baths and affusions, for the purpose of shortening the attack, need not be used in simple intermittent fever, as they are disagreeable to the patient and of doubtful utility. A New Remedy for the treatment of Obtainable from all Druggists or sent by mail on receipt of price. The losses this year will perhaps loot up disease. Inoculation was first performed with the object of generating a milder form of the disease than the inoculated individual would have experienced naturally. What are the symptoms? Cherry-red lips, lilac colored cheeks and the odor of new mown hay on the breath, acetone in urine and, later, hyperpnoea. The sound is generally the quicker, and from the physician's stand-point more satisfactory minutes before passing the sound will sometimes tend to relaxation of a spasmodic stricture. Or ftrudure of their parts cou'd be difcover'd, as might lead us to the means whereby excefilve cold kills men in northern countries. The slightly thickened muscularis the stomach adherent to the left lobe of the liver a semispheric tumor the size of a walnut extends into the parenchyma of the organ.