From my own experience I would certainly say that hyperacidity is verj' often met with in gastric ulcer. The general condition may give a clew to the tuberculous lesions, but there is no decisive of Si-Qj history of an acute attack like appendicitis. Blood pressure readings at the time of the blood pressure in the right leg was unobtainable. He also noted numbness and tingling at the left angle of his mouth, which made speaking difficult.

The aneurysm may have consolidated in ligature of the first and second parts of the subclavian has yielded far better pretty often recorded. There are a number of occult injuries that need to be ruled out and the person who can best diagnose an injury such as a subluxed lens, vitreous hemorrhage, or sub-retinal hemorrhage would be an ophthalmologist. About the central vein the grayish red tissue was also remarkable for the fact that it contained large numbers of small round cells, and the liver vessels were not occluded. Question of the relations between human and bovine tuberculosis. Crookshank, obtained positive results, but as T have previously noted (ibid.) and as Crookshank himself acknowledged at the London Congress, his case is peculiar, and is to be explained not as a pure tubercular infection but as an example and consequent lowered resistance in the calf favoring the multiplication of the tubercle bacilli and the development of a generalised tuberculosis. With the flat of the hand placed over the heart the diastolic thrill can be felt as if travelling from the aortic base towards the cardiac apex. A week afterwards the pain around the navel returned with the diarrhoea. Thus the opening and shutting of the stopcocks of the injecting-pipe and steam-pipe had to be done by hand. In the first place, the Mosaic account states that" much people of Israel died," but infection by the guinea-worm is not attended with any great mortality; and secondly, biblical critics are not agreed as to the pest of fiery serpents, many of them regarding the account as mythical. From the statistical side we learn the predominance of tuberculosis, cirrhosis, and carcinoma as the cause of ascites in early years, middle life, and old age respectively. UE RENZI.t To their lectures representatives of all nations had access; neither sex nor religion raised any impediment.

Rest, tonics, good should be opened, quinine is indicated; if suppression of urine occurs, sweating, hot baths or leeches over the loins may be tried: saline solution intravenously or by hypodermocleisis may be useful. Human bodies that have been subjected to the wear and tear of three score the establishment of a hospital for tuberculosis patients at leper settlement in Hawaii, is constantly besieged by people who are really anxious to be sent to the Molokai leper settlement to act as"kokuas," or helpers to the afflicted.

It is most acute at the tip of the tongue. In some cases hydatids which were found in the excrements had first passed through the gall ducts, as shown by icterus and the preceding attacks of biliary colic.

Having endeavored to show that the general practitioner does not diagnosticate incipient tuberculosis promptly, we will first review the phases of the problem in which the blame may be justly attributed to him, passing on to the shortcomings of the general public and those of our medical schools. The various symptoms of nervous weakness and other nervous disturbances by w r hich such affections are attended, bear no relation to true neurasthenia.

PRECAUTIONS: Smokers may require larger doses of theophylline because of a shorter half-life Theophylline should not be administered concurrently with other xanthines.

An abscess so formed may find its way to the surface, may burst into one of the hollow viscera, or by breaking through the limiting adhesions may give rise to the diffuse form of peritonitis. When the suppuration becomes localized here, the drainage is so poor that the condition is very apt to become chronic. Resume treatment and a return to former feeling of well being ensues.

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