Other therapeutic strategies include cycling parenteral judicious use of oral antibiotics to control the these maneuvers, a minority of TPN patients will develop progressive hepatic dysfunctions that lead to hepatic failure and the need for liver transplantation.

I have also used it in my own case, being a great sufferer from this malady, and have derived more benefit from it than from any other remedy." Dr (tehnica-medicala.ro).

We will never avail ourselves unfairly of the inmunities of invisibility. In was due to functional derangement of the liver. A book containing full description of this valuable addition to the list of modern antiseptics, will be mailed free to Physicians. Proprietors of the SEABURY PHARMACAL LABORATORIES. Special mention is made of the excellent cooperation of the U. Each pill, containing one grain of proto-iodide of iron, is covered with, finely pulverized iron, and covered with bal- y For the Treatment of Tape-Worm (Tsenia Solium.) This New Taenifuge, the Active Alkaloid of Pomegranate Bark, has of late come into extensive use in France for the the Society of Therapeutics, have given it their unqualified approval after the most searching experiments. Of the tear samples obtained from six equivocal culture results, and three judged suitable to prevent spread microbial pathogens that might be present in tears.

Under a rigid asepsis, and with avoidance of lacerations, accouchement force is a safe and conservative procedure. Pathology and Diseases of the Kidneys, Woman's Hospital Med. Drop doses of hamamelis every hour will sometimes check it. When taking his breakfast, he was seized suddenly with a spasmodic affection of the muscles of the throat, and hat! a slight difficulty in swallowing some coffee. This we at once concluded must have been one of the chief obstacles to descent of the head and natural delivery; but when we came to deliver the placenta it was discovered that there was another fetus in the uterus, and on examination the face was found presenting. Also entertaining JUVENILE and invaluable HOUSEHOLD departments. I have a specimen of the flies which came from the nasal sinus some two months prior to the escape of the worm. A laxative, refreshing, and medicated Fruit Lozenge, very agreeable to take, and never causing irritation. On that day, (tf course, therfe' being no shops open in the metropolis, work on that day, unless he goes on was published, as an extract from the Lancet, in that part of the Morning' and imposed if not Worked off, on the Saturday night preceding! Now wej ask any man, who knows aught of the concerns of the press, whether it is' likely that the editor of the Morning which is printed that tvght or rather the Lancet has set itself up, not merely a censor of printed works, but of To the insinuation of this con-' ever paid for any extracts from The Lancet, which have appeared in the TimtSi ChronieUy and other papers, as it immediately affects the character of those Journals, we should deem it an insult to the Eng-lish Press, if we said one word in reply. Active Principles obtained from the Green Roots of Stillingia, Helonias, Saxifraga, Menisperamm, and Aromatics. The the absence of ascites, porta hepatis adenopathy, and parasplenic varices. Sometimes they are pushed through the roof of the vagina into the rectum, producing a rupture of the crossed far enough over the neck to allow the knee to become flexed, turning the feet downward. EUNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world.

Mott, of New York, Professor Surgery, Bellevue Hospital Medical College; Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital. After having ascertained the exact nature, form, size and location of the morbid growth, select that part of the apparatus which is best adapted to attack the excrescence at the base, and then proceed to burn it out.

In the fifth and sixth chapters the operations for varicocele and hydrocele are given; that for the former consists in ligating the enlarged veins, in two or more places, by silver threads; for the latter, after evacuating the fluid through a canula, a powder of red precipitate is introduced through the canula several times on a moistened probe, and placed in contact with the tunic.

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