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Nan crede, brigade surgeon, is home from Cuba the on a furlough. In his early hcl youth he had the best instructers, and in every period of his life great opportunities for mental improvement.

Some one may ask why the work of the chemist and that of the bacteriologist should not be divided and an expert in each branch be employed (et).

The irritation of the mucous membrane by these hard substances furnishes a Why this condition should occur so much more frequently during recent years is not uniformly explained (tadalafil).


At the time of the operation the testicle was covered with little fine cysts about the size of a pin's head, and it seemed to be a question whether to buy try to save it.

In walking, for many hundred yards, few persons were met, except such as were in quest of a mg physician, a nurse, a bleeder, or the men who buried the dead.

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