Small-pox, of course, under this regime, is very'infectious.' People are somewhat wiser now in their management of this disease.

When traction is made upon the cervix uteri, these ligaments are immediately seen to be tightened; when divided, the uterus sensibly drops, but is soon arrested by the broad ligaments and the resistance of the floor of the pelvis, chiefly by the floor of the peritoneum, which is reflected from the walls of the pelvis over the bladder, uterus, and rectum. In the case of tubal gestation, partial detachment is very easy, owing to the scanty development of decidua. Thoroughly wash that off and vaccinate through this exposed area. This stands in front of the line of junction between the central points of the talocrural articulation.

The patient gradually sank, and post-mortem examination revealed the presence of a layer of recently effused, soft, villous lymph in the pericardium; old pleuritic adhesions on the right Bide; recenl pleurisy, with abundant effusion of lymph and serum OD the left side; the liver enlarged and in a state of extreme fatty degeneration, and the bodies of the four upper lumbar vertebrae completely destroyed.

The bowels arc freely moved early in the day previous to the operation, and one or two grains of opium are afterwards administered, in order to prevent the by assistants, and the sides of the laceration denuded to the extent of one inch in breadth, removing the thinnest possible layer of tissue.

After a few weeks of this exercise many patients declare that their has a very favorable effect on the temperature, and shortens the convalescence period. Having become acquainted with our tools, and knowing what they can do, we shall then be in a better position to proceed to diagnostic.

One side of the brain would be sufficient to sustain sight. According to' his clinical experience, the author shows that iodineis an anti-mercurial remedy, and the old fundamental one in the mercurial poisoning, and whenused in sufficient quantity iodides are able to restore the damaged health, whilst the pathological appearances One of the Surgeons to the Presbyterian Hospital. Known only in the impure state, was first prepared in the pure crystallized form by Pelletier and Caventon, Kobiquet and guaranine of Dr. There will thus be greater danger of secondary hemorrhage, of suppuration, of septicaemia, and of peritonitis. They are sought after as curiosities of medical literature, and are to be remembered, by medical men, as the pioneer landmarks now traced as proofs of title to the heritage we claim, rather than facts of actual scientific import. The uterus being suddenlv irritated by the invasion of a quantity of blood beyond its capacity to tolerate, contracts spasmodically, and the fluid blood is propelled towards all the three openings from its cavity.

She died various parts of the abdomen; the ovarian cyst occupied the pelvis, and was closely connected to surrounding parts. Do your version early before all the waters have drained away; be sure to take the same precautions to have adequate assistants and proper instruments to meet any emergency that If the case be seen before labor has actively set in it may be possible, in a few cases, to convert it into a vertex or breech. State the chemical composition of plants; distinguishing between the organic and inorganic what means and in what different forms is it introduced into the plants? IX.

Swelling of the belly, unusual discharges of wind, and fits of giddiness, are common Tliese are indicated by violent eonvulsive beating of the heart, easily perceived by the hand placed behind tlie left elbow; by a jerking, intermittent, unequal and irregular pulse; by habitually cold ears and legs; by swelling of the legs and the belly; by difficult breathing, much increased by slight exertion; and by general sluggishness and a tendency to lay on fat. Finding it difficult to get a strong infusion of coffee, the idea of employing caffein occurred; and having dissolved twenty grains in a quantity of infusion of coffee, it was administered as an injection by means of a syringe.

They only elected one President!!!; one Treasurer was found to be sufficient. The commencement of professional study otherwise than by attendance on lectures in recognized medical schools, or by attendance on the practice of recognized hospitals, will not be admitted until a certificate thereof shall be furnished to the secretary for registration at the College by the practitioner whose pupil the candidate shall have become, or by the medical superintendent of the hospital or other institution to the practice of which he shall have entered, and will consequently date only from the reception of such certificate by the secretary; the certificate to be accompanied by proof of having passed the necessary preliminary examination in general knowledge. This is manifested by a slight resistance to the onward passage of the needle. When the exact position cannot be made out, treat it as the first or fourth.

If caught in the fimbrise, a sac is formed partly out of the dilated mouth of the tube, and partly by attachments to neighboring structures, especially the ovary, thus forming the tubo-ovarian gestation.

When seen in Toronto, eleven months later, the only thing he complained of was pain in his right side on exertion. Then, again, should the inflammation be situated near the margin of the cornea, it may press upon the ciliary circulation so as to materially interfere with the nutrition of the cornea, leaving that body subjected to the ills naturally attendant upon a defective nutrition. This is observed in some forms of amenorrhoea.

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