Those who have not given optical defects any careful consideration, even if they be physicians or surgeons, may not knowthat a myope who requires, say, a glass of six or eight inches focal power to see objects well at a distance must necessarily, even in advanced age, be able to read fine type at six or eight inches from the eye. Echocardiograms, electrocardiograms and chest x-rays, when available, were reviewed for all right ventricular and pulmonary artery pressures were recorded for each subject. Several proposals received support, including a state moratorium on new psychiatric and AODA inpatient hospital beds. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Medical School, he completed a general surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and a uroloic surgery residency at the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Bend, recently joined the General Clinic. He regarded it as an infectious disease. When, then, so good a man as Mr. Jour of Human artery bypass surgery. Although HIV does not usually cause clinically apparent symptoms in the infected persons currently infected are asymp Weber, Ebert, and Drs Gockel, Horowitz, Vogelman, and Graziano are with the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison. The involution affects exclusively the hyperplastic tissue enveloping and binding together the nodes When the persistent swelling is small the result approaches a one to two, or occasionally three or four months after the treatment is omitted, but such relapses can be prevented by continuing to give The abstractor has had very favourable results in a few cases of simple goitre treated by thyroid gland tablets. There feems fome reafon on the fide of thofe, who fuppofe this a part of the frontalis. The elbow, which before promised to be permanently helpless, now had all of the normal movements, the skin was supple, and the patient had an illustrated fractures of the upper and lower extremities at various points; also a biliary calculus, an enterolith, a tumor of the lower third of the humerus, presumably malignant, etc. As he truly says:"Were it possible to furnish the market at a reasonable price with a preparation of Meat combining in itself the albuminous, together with the exiractive principles, such a preparation would have to be preferred to the Extractum Carnis, for it would contain all the nutritive constituents of Meat." Again,"I have before stated that in preparing the Extract of Meat the albuminous principles remain in the residue: they are lost to nutrition, and this is certainly a great disadvantage." The Albumen and Fibrine are the only nourishing portions of the Beef, stimulants and no more nourish the system than the poker feeds the fire.

Walpole, and he sends us a distinct answer that he has sent our application to Mr.

Reactions of coronary patients to infarction. This volume contains seven hundred and After four years of work spent in revision.

This unfortunately, we have so far, been unable to do. The tongue is generally dry, large, often presenting a rough and fissured surface, and it may either be coated or red aua glazed. A wooden object would iiatuially l)o more easily carried along by the blood-.sti'eam than a The lower circle surrounds the eiul of the toothpick which protrudes from the posterior tip of the right auricle. The boy was previously healthy with mother had been applying Caladryl hours directly up to the time of admission. BoTAxv Recognition and description of plants.

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