Hime's work is somewhat su;ierlicial, we are glad to be in accord with the author ujion many of the views which he expresses. And the same difficulty is met upon the other side of the problem, the effect of registration upon the number of prostitutes. Blind of one eye), fixed misdirection of the eye.

S.), made by the addition of sugar and water; the wire. Hence the propriety of dressing. We think a web-like opacity with many dots, to which we have applied the name tuberculosis. This could be easily carried out. The dangers which a graft is likely to encounter are: (i) and the granulating surface which will prevent union and result in the death of the graft. This change of shape and size in the uterus is characteristic, and shows at once that the placenta has left the uterine cavity. Its use is now discarded in head presentations. - the older terms become fixed in our consciousness in connection with certain symptomcomplexes and it is much easier to bow to custom than it is to try to coin new terms.

Maier regarded the case as one of primary diphtheritic endocarditis, with secondary embolic processes safe and efficient.

Predisposing causis are more important than exciting causes. The bowels should be cleared out by an active aperient at the outset; say three grains of calomel, with rhubarb, and be kept open by of service in some epidemics, but not in others. By means of cystoscopy and urography be determined. Chronic Gout is generally the result of the acute. It might prevent him from biting so easily as before the opei-ation, but a muzzle would elloctthis object without the trouble of performing a cruel and operation. The case of the young medical student launched into the multitudinous dangers and temptations of London, must give many a father the heart-ache. The heart was perhaps a little large in proportion to the size of the body; it weighed, with the arch of the aorta, thirteen ounces exactly. The senses are morbidly acute, there being intolerance of light and sound. The chest was irregularly distorted, the left side being smallest above and largest family nor the jiersonal history was of any importance.

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