Most and this should be the method of choice except in such cases where the stones are imbedded in the cortical substance, and in these cases, if there is much infection, and the other kidney is normal, nephrectomy and not nephrotomy should be the operation This may seem like a radical procedure but when we come to analyze the statistics of operations for unilateral renal calculi with infection we find the so-called radical operation has the lower mortality rate and a much shorter convalescence. Prescott of Food Conservation, Charles E. We have also all seen cases where the removal of one lobe was followed by a reduction in the size of the remaining lobe (for one or more reasons). - in the first place, with few exceptions, these neurotrophic exudations are found in combination with a vasomotor reaction, and it is largely to this association that they owe their apparent rarity, for the exudative element is, so to speak, swamped by the vasomotor and either escapes notice altogether or is regarded as a mere mechanical consequence of the other. Oppenheimer and Williams have now described a somewhat similar case in which the heart-block symptoms were followed and electrocardiograms obtained at intervals until the death of the patient. Primipara, in the care of a midwife, who called a physician because of lack of progress of the labor.

Perth County Medical Society met in Stratford on of the evening on"High Blood Pressure and Arteriosclerosis" was given by Dr. This case serves to show that the cocci are not confined to the surface of the mucous membranes, but that they attack and penetrate the epithelium, and enter the In experimenting with different medicinal substances, as to their effect on pure cultures of the gonococcus, chlorates of potash and sodium were inefficient Carbolic elhylic alcohol, chloroform, sulphuric ether, and glycerine destroyed vitality only when undiluted; tannin and resorcine were ineffective; solutions of the subnitrate of bismuth, acetate of lead, and alum produced no effect; strong solutions of the sulphates of copper, zinc, and iron affected the microbes but slightly; turpentine was effective. In the latter case it lasted but a few hours As already stated, the pathological character of the affection in all cases of insolation is not uniform. This is a frequent eomplication in tropical climates.

In the following case improvement and recovery took place after all treatment had been discontinued: A boy seven years of age, the son of a poor ginning of the disease.

The law enters into every treatment given, and upon its perfect understanding depends in a largemeasure our success in this field. Goitre by anatomical standards, while usually present, may also be absent.

(Jase of unilateral cystic degeneration of the successful laparotomies for perforating typhoid and perforating cyst of the ovary, involving tbe large intestine, removal of cysts, resection of intestine and eud-to-end suture, recovery, Richardson, Diphtheria. Removal of the cup The hairs are involved early, the mycelial threads growing down between the inner root sheath and the hair.

If we are to rely on the testimony of reported cases, however, its use is no longer necessary. Aneurism and unilateral clubbing of the fingers on the same side.

The left eye had the full acuteness of sight. The almost constant involvement of the columns of Goll may be regarded as referable to an ascending secondary degeneration. These are burning (juestions with the masses and information concerning them would be eagerly sought. The memorial will be one of recognition, affection and gratitude. He knows his patient as a man and a friend and not as a commodity, and he it is who exemplifies best and most consistently that unselfish regard for others that glorifies medicine." School for Health Officers, Conducted by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beginning this fall Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are to maintain in co-operation a School for Public Health Officers. In this second edition the author has endeavored to give to the general practitioner the newest results of experimental research, and the prevailing opinions of the leading clinicians.

His experience has taught him that it is a remedy which speedily loses its influence, and that with each successive dose, employed of course for the purposes discussed, it produces less effect.

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