Magnesia from the absence of acidity is usually inactive. The problems are to kill the bacilli within a few seconds, and to do this without harm to the patient. Bull if, taking into consideration the condition of the parts injured found at the operation, the closure of the small wounds by apposition of gut and fibrinous deposits, and the nature of the exudation, if he would regard the recovery of this patient as improbable without operative interference? Second, he would like to ask if Dr. The hydrocele has been known to suppurate in a few cases, but the suppuration has never extended to the abdomen. He showed that the relative positions of the stomachs, oesophagus, etc., were not in the living animal such as they are described in our text books.

In the former, blistering on the neck was also employed. But would it not be the easiest thing in the world to adduce examples of a similar hasty and imperfect argument fi-om Medical writings? Or we might, perhaps, call the two last theories instances of generalisation from insufiicient data; and this, again, is a most frequent error with us. He also was comatose, as in all probability most of them were. The bowels in the main, have been either very difficult or unnaturally easy to move. After evacuating the sac the tube from the canula can be removed, and can be attached to the other end of the tube, which will enable water or a medicated wash to be injected into the cavity. Your birthday! I am afraid, my own mum, my hopes and were in any way adequate to repay you for all you have gone through for me; I cair only wish my darling mother as many happy retm-ns of the day as possible with such an unlucky wight of a sou. After drying the smear and baking it on the slide for twenty seconds in a bunsen flame, if numerous pus-cells are seen containing within them peculiar little bodies like coffee beans and stained blue, one may generally assume that they are the specific germs of gonorrhea and are diagnostic. The difficulty is increased when several upper ribs are fractured on both sides. The exhibition of emetics has, indeed, been extolled by some as highly useful, and even as superior to blood-letting; but the practice has never been generally followed; and there is no small difficulty in understanding how it could be carried into effectin those severe cases, to which it is considered as particularly applicable. Discoveries conceniiug the Sun's Surface." GAIEDNEE ON" CONTRACTED MITBAL ORIFICE. The history of the case is as follows: Patient, aged fifty-three, ten years ago first noticed difficulty of micturition, three years ago passed blood with his urine; at that time he was making water every hour; this was preceded by pain, referred to the end of the penis and neck of the bladder. "When a typhoid condition supervened, however, he changed the medicines for carbonate of ammonia and bitters.

This had been going on for four or five months when I first saw her, on was equal to a post-partum hemorrhage. It is obvious, that as the medicine is thrown off the stomach, it should be and the general debility great, warm negus must be administered freely.

Wendell Reber of Philadelphia said he used practically the same technic, but had Dr. To some extent this assists the latter article in diminishing the excitable state of the spinal marrow and its nerves, and thus acting the part of a sedative of the reflex function. Produces a more certain and permanent curative impression upon the Quinine in large doses, when administered in the hot stage, so far pulse in every instance lessening in force and frequency under its influence. Will supply this link, as it furnishes the digestive function with the ferments which it lacks, combined in exactly the same proportions in which they exist in the normal human economy.

In many cases, I presume it to be quite impossible; the two diseases existing together, and probably standing in the relation of other diseases, but they will serve to modify the symptoms of such as may accidentally arise. Now separate the compound which floats on the surface from the matters that have settled at the bottom of the vessel; melt this fatty compound, filter throngh cloth into a tinned vessel upon a sand hath. The latter was extracted through the vagina by version by the feet; it was putrid. Almost all of the return current from the head and face passed through the superficial and deep vessels of the left side. This has induced many practitioners to assume the system of dispensing, the points in the favor of this method being cheapness, uniformity in strength, palatability and absorptibility.

Godlee read a paper on a case of abdominal nephrectomy for sarcoma in a boy twenty-two months of age. So far as my own experience goes, I prefer the cold and tepid showerbaths, and the cold plunge bath to any other; but there arc cases in which these disagree, and I, therefore, occasionally order the warm or vapour bath under the bleeding and starving systems, would have kept an apothecary and or thrice a-day for a month, if he happened to live so long. Phillips said that he believed the author of this paper made these pessimistic statements only to arouse opposition and excite discussion. The increased flow of urine produced by the diuretic action of the sugar compensates for the imperfect filtration effected by the diseased cortical structiu-e of the kidneys; and for years I have watched the diabetes stationary or lessening, or occasionally disappearing, whilst the Bright's disease slowly increases and causes its secondary- or tertiary S)-mptoms which gradually Almost every substance in every Pharmacopana has been tried as a specific for diabetes; but hitherto no remedy has been found to have a constant efiect in stopping the sugar Tlris by no means renders it impossible or improbable that some substance may be discovered which may be able to effect a perfect cure of this functional disorder.

AVhen these le.'ions heal, a minute knot of induration, like a millet seed, may be often found in the cicatrix. The resulting red powder is Thus we could go through with the whole catalogue of medicines in daily use by the physician. He believed that the osseous turbinated enlargement referred to by Dr. His public acknowledgements are due too, to the publishers of Medical works, who have generously supplied him, and also to editors of Medical journals, for a very liberal exchange.

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