Internally, it is irritant, and stimulates the genito-urinary tract, It is used internally (rarely) to produce sexual excitement; and for incontinence of the urine from paralysis of the bladder. This seems little short of absurd to the non-expert, and one can hardly help sympathizing with the recruit who a few weeks ago volunteered for service in England. I at once went and made a carefut examination of the parts.

The patient may be fully cognizant of the civil and ethical relations of the particular act from the perpetration of which he is unable to desist. Dr Begbie states that in no case was any bad effect produced. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Approved for CME credits through the Office of Continuing Education, Hahnemann University University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Kenneth B.

The foetus may be present in any part of the dilated Fallopian tube, usually in that beyond the uterus. His leading ideas are well known; thus;"All things are in constant flux, and nothing has permanence; man cannot descend twice into the same stream, everything is continually passing over into something else, and this proves that it is one nature which assumes the most opposite forms, and from One, and One from All." l To this philosopher the world was an eternally living fire, certain measures of which were always being kindled, while like measures were always being extinguished, and so the constant flux of things was kept going, and yet the world in appearance was relatively stable. The hemorrhage commonly takes place into distinct portions of the gland, and the infiltrated regions are of various size. Bucknill developed arguments in support of his position.

A curious incident has just come to my but is attached to the reading room of the Army Medical Library in Washington, noticed in a friend who had been taking digitalis for some time a curious form of delirium with hallucinations. In thyroidectomy, even the smallest vessels should be carefully ligated. In the stomach of dogs, free hydrochloric acid is present; it aids in the digesting Give the composition of gastric juice.

This accounted, in considerable degree, for the tremendous prejudice and opposition on the part of many doctors to the Carrel treatment in the beginning, a prejudice that was scarcely creditable to the openmindedness of the medical profession. The unsuspecting girls are trapped, their clothes are stripped from them, and they are given the gown of the harlot and forced to give themselves to a life of shame. WRITE IT FOR IT MAKES THE PRESCRIBING DECISION YOURS. Disinfect the seat of infection; provide quiet quarters; feed easily masticated, laxative diet; keep fresh water before patient; empty rectum and bladder at frequent intervals with the hand; antispasmodics may help in controlling spasms; phenol, magnesium sulphate, bromides, hydrocyanic acid, lobelia, tetanus antitoxin, etc., are of disputed therapeutic value. The pure pepsin of the United States Pharmacopoeia (not the saccharated) should be selected; five grains should be given in the middle of the meal and five grains immediately upon completion of the meal, an amount equal to one hundred grains of the saccharated or ordinary pepsin. I believe in the essential goodness of human nature; and I believe that under improved social conditions everything that is good in us will blossom forth as a beautiful flower, while everything that is bad will shrivel and dry up for lack And even now, under our present miserable conditions, the average man, while not particularly intelligent, is on the whole are certain people (let us hope that they constitute but a minute fraction of the whole of mankind) who are absolutely devoid of any trace of conscience, who are cruel and brutal, to whom human health and human life mean absolutely nothing, and who for the sake of profit would poison the food supply and jeopard the health and lives of a whole community, nay, of all mankind. Related above to the uterus and vagina in the female, and to the seminal vesicles and rectum in the male. T.) Thoughts on medical education and a plan for its improvement, addressed Turner (T.) An address to the inhabitants of Lancashire, and of the adjoining counties, on the present state of the medical profession, with remarks on the elementary education of the student, and the best means of its accjuirement. Whereas these methods may, with further use, yield valuable information, they cannot be expected to come into general use and must necessarily be largely confined to The chapters on the chemistry of the gastric juice are concise and to the point. Thus, by the side of preventive medicine, we learn that hygiene, in its largest sense, is also to be our guide.

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