One will declare two brothers look alike, notwithstanding one is short and the other tall; one is dark and the other light; one stout and the other slim; and, in fact, their appearances may be entirely opposite. Mastin's paper on"Chylocele," published in the Annals of Anatomy and Surgery. Question was raised as to whether the long term care insurance plan being developed by the NM A will be better than the AMA's plan. Enlargement of the liver and jaundice next occurred, followed by dysentery with bloody and purulent stools. At times, indeed, the nature of the subject has the same effect with length of time in throwing the veil of uncertainty over the acts and motives of individuals. The first, amidst much mischief, boasts now and then a random cure; the other, though active when there is a prospect of success, is frequently restrained by the fear of doing harm. Sydenham by me in Latin, my curiosity did not lead me to look into the translation; and, being in the coimtry when the Life was republished in the Magazine, did not come to the knowledge of it till, upon my return home, it was told me by some of my friends. The gastric juice converts the food into chyme, which, in its turn, stimulates the valve at the pyloric orifice of the stomach; the valve opens, and the food review the intestinal liquor. An animal suffering from chronic rheumatism always keeps, as far as possible, in tljie s.un. Yet the gentleman acquainted with his having procured some of the American bark against agues, which we mentioned in a former essay, and I (after having tasted and considered it) having encouraged him, as I haveo tliers, to make trial of it, as the strange effects I have observed of it, hath divers times invited me to do; the candid and learned doctor, not only opposed not my persuasions, but added his own to them. More than one half of them were in the hospital, and could not get away. Times because heating medicines have been given at the beginning of the disease; sometimes because the ebullition has not been sufficiently controlled; sometimes because the patient is in the full vigour of life; and sometimes because the season of the year encourages it.

The medical treatment consisted in the employment of calomel, at first as a cathartic, and afterwards as an alterative, with the alternate exhibition of vin. One of the most important means of preventing the development of phthisis is the free admission of air into dwellings. Very frequently diplococci were discovered.

Salivation then set in freely; the hands and face swelled; the pustules filled and increased; and the disease proceeded favorably; except that towards the end there was the interruption of a few slimy and bloody motions; and even these, perhaps, would not have occurred had I opened the vein, as I might have done.

While subsequently outfitting the Chei-okee and Breakwater this work was continued as well as opportunity and limited facilities permitted, getting supplies from perhaps a third of the transports composing the fleet. The bloody discharges occurred with every urination or days occasion of the first visit to the patient was due to a fit which he had, and the nature of which was not clear, although it was probably a syncopal attack from blood loss. - this is not an assertion, but a fact, admitting of demonstration, as may which the channel of propagation was evident. It is a disease, however, extremely fatal in its nature, and should be carefully studied.

But now, with the extraordinary spread of English-speaking people over the face of the globe, their tongue is fast approaching as nearly as possible to universality. We have reason to think that the series of short papers, of which the first now ai)pcars, from the same admirable pen, that only leaves traces of goodness and truth, of wisdom and piety, where it has been, will prove no less acceptable to the patrons of the London Medical Gaze;(tk. The intelligent reader will at once perceive and advocate their utility and employment. We would hesitate to follow the New York professor in de daring:" Syphilis blasts a man throughout life, and destroys him throughout eternity," but we do insist that the syphilitic has forfeited all his marital prerogatives, and should not be allowed to bring into the world beings who can only be a source of anguish to themselves and of expense to the State. In the fluid, hosts of micrococci of a perfectly oval form were found, oscillating freely, and rather larger than pneumonic micrococci.

At the same time that we are bound in honour to acknowledge that to them is owing the increased acquirements and efficiency of the general practitioner, it will he impossible to deny that they have entirely forgotten and neglected the duty actually that Act, the careful and accurate dispensing of physicians' prescriptions with pure and inquiry will shew, that the great bulk of their licentiates utterly repudiate the idea of dispensing a prescription for any one whom they are not attending in the capacity of a general practitioner.

Dudgeon considers that this fatty cliangc of the heart-muscle is the cause of the cardiac failure in diphtheria, wliicli is independent of h'sious of tlie nervous system. The more recent work on the chemistry of digestion finds no place.

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