But the case is very different with regard to the hand, which, in its most imperfect condition, far surpasses in usefulness the most ingenious contrivance of art, and therefore preservation of the arm, even in the most crippled state, would be a great object for the patient's comfort. This is indeed a most engaging subject, one inviting the richest gifts of eloquence and graces of oratory, one admitting of unmeasured panegyric.

Long ago the Latin poet-philosopher held that" fear makes the gods." Schleiermacher finds religion's origin in the feeling of dependence. For the purpose of having the subject more adequately considered, he would suggest that the Section arrange for a special committee to consider methods for educational work, and if found expedient to report plans for interesting the life-insurance companies in joint endeavor. Mayo argued, however, from the large size and uneven surface of the bone, the inflammatory character of the disease, the length of time it had existed, and the sinuses which had opened in succession at different points of the limb, that there must be within the bone either matter, or An incision was made down to the bone, laying the sinuses open, and exposing the bone between the attachments of the biceps flexor cruris and vastus externus. Her mother informs me that it began to enlarge about a month since. The specific characters of Trillium erectum, as given by Elliot, is as Pedunculo inclinato, flore nutanti; petalis ovatis, acuminatis, planis patentibus, calyx latioribus, foliis lato rhomboideis, acuminatis, sessilibus.

The instrument passed high up without encountering any impediment or obstruction; it could be" moved about, as if in vacuo.'" A few hours after this means had been adopted periodical pains came on, with a little increase of uterine discharge: these ceased spontaneously, in a short time exhaustion supervened, and the same day she died.

On examination after death, considerable ulceration was found about the glottis, and some well-formed purulent matter between the larynx and external muscles. The multiplication-table rests upon It is an axiom of insurance that the assumed rate of mortality must be greater than the rate experienced by the companies; that the interest earned must exceed the rate assumed, and that the loading, or allowance for expenses, must be greater than the actual expenses. The concurrence of these circumstances, with the fact that no constitutional symptoms ushered in the attack, confirmed my belief that it was pure oedema, not partaking of the erysipelatous character. The finer geodetic instruments have been invented with the problem of tracing which the railroad construction required. Pneumopericardium for whose demonstration fluoroscopy and radiography, as in my "" case, would have for weight of accumulated pus?). Chief Health Officer of Ontario.

Incredible is the number of quotations made for even the least important subject; incredible, too, is our ignorance, our stupid disdain for this emporium for out-of-the-way information. At a recent session of the Vienna Society for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Berliner case in which this symptom was present, but not in a high degree.


There is loss of appetite, and at times very obstinate constipation.

The Erindale Farm is a beautiful place, situated but a few miles from Toronto. The remaining with the portion which separates during the distillation, and then, triturated with a warm solution of caustic potassa, soda, or ammoniae The alkalies remove a large quantity of colouring matter, and the Liriodendrine, being insoluble, separates, and may be brought together by a spatula. It is possible that, in them, the disorder of the sensorial functions depended uj)on simple disturbance of the cerebral circulation; it is possible that the same disorder depended upon the serous efl'usion; and it is possible, and (I tliink) probable, that it depended in part upon both these causes. And, probably, our younger surgeons are more imbued with French ideas on surgery than with any other. Swelling and consequent suppuration in the glands of the groin is no proof that they were such, this undoubtedly arose from the irritation of the caustic. It is not only hereditary, but, as the case I have related shows, tends to reappear in the ofispring in exactly the same locality, and when removed," root and branch," the wound produced by the operation only serves as the bed for its wider and larger growth. Cauterization of the pharynx and trachea through the mouth, together with early depletion, calomel, and emetics, have saved many cases of true membranous croup, and will, consequently, be a strong argument against the performance of an early operation. This result suggests that code in typhoid fever the same nerve is exposed to injury. As it is unlikely that the youth of Canada, particularly the young athletes, vdll adopt a diet of gruel or rice, it behooves them to keep their teeth in good order and to chew their meat well if they wish to escape the"WE ALL THINK THAT IS NOT AS IT SHOULD BE" President of the Ontario Medical Council to our It has been pointed out that we included the stenographers' account in the amount drawn by the members of the Council. In fact he does not so much join a church, for example, or a political party, because he agrees with its objects, as he accepts its policy because he belongs to it. Two days before being admitted to hospital patient began vomiting and has been nauseated and vomiting at intervals since.

Senn, after speaking of the height and thickness of the gland, says," Mais il est d'autres dimensions importantes a connaitre, ce sont celles mesurees par des rayons ayant pour centre commun I'uretre; c'est de ce point, comme on le sait, que partent les incisions pratiquees of a triangular form, of which the perimeter is formed by the base of eighteen Knes, by the two sides of ten Hnes each, which together make twenty Hnes, and by the superior half of the urethra, which measures six lines; the total amounting to three inches and eight lines, consequently less than the opening obtained in the transverse From this contrast it is evident, that when we open the neck of the bladder obliquely downwards and outwards, in the bilateral operation, we make a large incision and obtain less advantage, than from the transverse operation, in which the division is less by two lines. Army advanced on Cerro Gordo, in April, the general of division in the immediate command of Vera Cruz, on his departure, took with him every able-bodied steward, cook, and attendant, leaving only invalids and brokendown men for the duties. This undisturbed state of the system was to be attributed, in a great measure, to the unstimulating and spare diet which was persevered in.

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