After the primary symptoms of leucorrhoea, backache, dyspareuuia, and a feeling of weight in the pelvis have persisted for a longer or shorter time, there are very apt to follow BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Watson's pamphlet is a collection of cases, twelve in number, equally divided between successes and deaths. Is this a case of endemic cerebral meningitis? If so, it is an interesting one in that it is an isolated, sporadic case, and in that the pathological lesion was limited to the convexities, the basilar and spinal meninges showing no evidence of an inflammatory condition. The"White and Red Beets, and their virtues. NEVADA ACT PROVIDES FOR RECIPROCITY, act regulating the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and The act provides for registration.of existing practitioners of four years' standing without examination and future registration of graduates eligible to take the examination for appointment as veterinary inspector in the Bureau of Animal Industry after passing a satisfactory examination by the State Board, and also reciprocity with other states having an equal standard. The tongue, were thus suggestive of a lesion at the right cerebello-pontinc angle, but the involvement of the tongue shows that the trouble had extended down right hemiplegia. No worms; was killed the fourth day; had no worms postmortem. Urine was examined and found to contain about one eighth of albumen.

As it was an old favorite he desired to have On arrival at the stable, I examined the sheath, and endeavored to withdraw the penis, but was unable to do so on account of the swelling. Usually it is not expedient nor even possible, to furnish tlie personal data which would arouse this Wlien people come to the Army Medical Museum aud ask where General Smith's brain, or Judge Brown's skeleton is, and are informed by the attendant that he does not know where it is, and is not even ceitain that it is in the collection, there are some expressions of disappointment, it is true; and sometimes the curator is appealed to as a last resource; but a few words of explanation as to what the main purpose of the museum is, and the suggestion that one would not like to have his or her father's skull displayed and labelled with his name, no matter how great or how infamous he may have been, is usually quite sufficient to satisfy the This addition of interest to a specimen by calling atteutiou to certain sentimental or historical associations connected with it. None of the infected vessels were sent to the" Mother Bank" or were detained in quarantine at Southampton for more than two or three days. The bruised root laid to the part affected with the sciatica, joint-ache, or the hard swellings of the liver and spleen, helps them all. Keflex influences involving the vault of the pharynx and the ear may emanate from more distant sources. The first case was one of teleangiectasia iridis; the second was in an old peasant woman, who, after being blind for years, recovered sufficient vision to count fingers across a room. A defect in these last experiments is, that the cylinder is not every time turned with absolutely equal rapidity, and that consequently, by the distance of the pins or of the breaks which sparks give, we cannot absolutely regulate the difference of time before the experiment, but only after the latter ascertain it from the vibrations of the chronoscope between the two pins. Ou the first day of his illness he complained of much pain in the left thigh; on the fourth day there was no pain; ou the sixth day complained of much pain in left thigh, but positively no signs of periostitis, phlebitis, arthritis, embolus, or any other disease there. These methods also enable us to remove at once such horses from infected stables as are healthy in general appearance, but yet may have been the cause of the dissemination of the disease. This local affection is then followed by a general tuberculosis (Cohnheim, The feeding or ingestion of pure cultures or of material containing tubercle bacilli (sputum, milk tissue) to guinea pigs or calves is followed either by tuberculosis of the peripharyngeal, cervical and mediastinal lymph glands and bronchial tubes, especially if the infection was severe, the tonsils may ulcerate ulceration. Iu these cases, the albumen being generally present in the daytime and absent at night, is apt to be overlooked by those who examine only the night aiul morning urine, aiul detected by those who examine urine passed in their presence, as at the time of an office visit, or in exaiuination for life insurance, or by those making a study of the urine of a large number of individuals.

Mistakes may be forgiven, though they are often costly, but deception or trickery lives long in human memory. We are regretfully obliged to conclude that despite" emergency lectures" been introduced, the only really safe ground is for them to be ordered in all cases where unconscious persons come under their care, and the evidence of intoxication is not absolutely clear, to call for medical aid, not necessarily from the nearest" doctor" but from some one who has had experience in the sometimes not easy diagnosis of the different causes of unconsciousness. It is well to note here that the cumbersome and superstitious details of Listerian antisepsis had no place in this operation. The juice of the herb is effectual to all the purposes aforenamed; also to stay vomitings, and taken with sugar and honey, helps an old and dry cough, shortness of breath, and the phthisic, and stays immoderate thirst. Take a light but a highly -nutritious diet, followed as soon as possible by a most generous dietary. I have seen one or two such cases which seem to carry out the idea that there are examples of chronic exhaustion, due, perhaps, to sliglit injury at the time in a neurotic subject, and which are followed by some form of paralysis. If optic neuritis is present the most trifling symptoms acquire an immense importance. Jones does not state that his observation of the value of cactus is original, but he introduces it in a sufficiently skilfully worded paragraph to lead an uninformed reader to infer that such is the case. Good authority, that though the cholera has visited Shiraz, and other cities of Persia, Ispahan has escaped, in consequence, it is believed, of the governor having prohibited the usual caravans to go there, and ordered them to take the road of Yezd, where it broke out in common with other towns.

It kills worms in children, if given to drink. Lumliar puncture showed a browniishred fluid containing altered red cells, and was followed by temporary improvement.

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