He reopens and takes out his coat but trouble continues and he discovers that his pocketbook has slipped out of the coat pocket. The term is a descriptive one and means literally increased fluid within the brain and should always imply increased intracranial pressure.

A STATISTICAL SURVEY OF TUBERCULOSIS OF The question of tuberculosis of the skin is to a great extent that of tuberculosis generally.

It is too early to be quite dogmatic, but the prospect appears hopeful, and the result of next year's campaign against this fever will be awaited with some anxiety and much interest. Lodophilia is of little value in pulmonary tuberculosis. It is an obvious advantage to be able to adapt the height of a litter to the height of the animal which is to carry it. La both there is paralysis, but differing in degree. After his supper he took the hutches to the pit bottom, which he reached between himself, and the engineman recognised the swelling of the scrotum his father that he had ruptured himself, and gave that as his reason for being unable to fulfil his promise, previously made, to work in the garden on the following forenoon. What kind of an opinion do you think this man will have of the churches and pastors? Which one will he go to? Rather to none than to any of these. Mtother and child are doing well. It is a fond imagination, but let us hope that McDowell was thus opposed a second time to the Irish athlete and was one of the five Loyalists who, along with Scott, were a few days later" bound over to the peace and obliged to give bail for their It has often been pointed out that in every sphere of human activity new theories, great discoveries, and epoch-making achievements, however important and valuable they may ultimately have proved to be, have rarely received immediate recognition, or their true value been at once realised. In the preface, credit was given to the gentlemen from whose papei's citations were made. The stitches were removed on the tenth, day, and the wound was practically healed on the twentieth day. She then talks about cases of amenorrhcea with vicarious haemorrhage Another cause of sterility is attributed to the habit of drinking too strong wine and eating highly seasoned foods, which act by heating the blood too much and consuming the fluid. In prostatic diseases also, attended by cystitis, and in stone the effects of aminoform are excellent.

Three applications for membership in the American Medical Association had been certified to and accepted.

Later, Professor Jones found that what he had really been giving was the thymus gland. The propriety of medical journals, published un der medical influences, increasing the dangerous use of these secret remedies by accepting their advertisements cannot be successfully maintained.

Max Minor Peet, Professor of Surgery, University classes of the school of medicine. Squibb read a paper on Anaesthesia, in which he described, among other things, his new instrument for the administration of Dr. And I therefore decided to attempt the reduction, and should this prove impossible, I would then fracture the olecranon, and take my chances for motion; but at all events have recovery with the arm anchylosed at a right angle, which would make it much more useful than in its He was fully anaesthetized by ether, and with some considerable force I succeeded in breaking up the adhesions, and flexing the arm of the triceps; and fearing that the olecranon would fracture if any more force was used, I requested Dr. In some articles the medicinal agents are named incorrectly, of illusively; these must be given in correct scientific terms which permit of no misinterpretation or deception.

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