Trousseau, who has probably operated more times and with better success than any other surgeon, follows the operation with the application of this point we may be pardoned for again quoting from his valuable Monograph of making applications through it to the larynx, trachea, and bronchial tubes; and here an entirely new field opens to us. For vomiting, he washes out the stomach, while for the painful contractions of the stomach he uses poultices and small doses of opium.

By way of instruction to the patient certain passive movements of the affected arm were made, which no less to his than to my surprise were brought about with more freedom and less pain than either had expected. The Communications Division staff cooperated with the Medical Assistants Association in the production of their publication Reflex. '(Fm- I denied the irritation of the chesi, though he has since proved quite correct.) He Foimsed but that I sbouhl have a little headache the next next day I was.pnte well, and free from paiii, and the headache existed and went oft, just as he ba( s,aid- which, adde.l to his discovering my painlnl no soul on this earth knew, was at least extraordinary. In sjiite of slight the chance of success; convinced, that could be but very sliort, and almost imbearable,.she concluded an operation would only terminate it a few days sooner, if it did not succeed; she had been long unable to partake of solid fdod, and bad often great difficulty in voiding urine; under these circumstances, she earnestly entreated me to attempt relief by oi)eratiouy, and from the success of previous cases, her anxiety for its adoption was extreme.

We often find them (especially in spinal disease) in those cases where the simple sensibility to touch is fully retained. A dull bluish adnata, a dingy sallowness of the skin, raeteorism of the abdomen, anorexia, stools deficient of bilious matter, and sparse, high-coloured urine, together with a peculiar physiognomy, are more or less present. I have no dilhculty, Icctual power, and vohinlary motion, and that by because lam led to consider which functions are me.ins of the brain tte are, as it were, connected I essential to the circulation of the spinal narrow, bill stiitt- of (he ganglionic sjstem. Such a plate lacks efficiency as a support, and may be a cause of discomfort. Following his graduation from Fordham College, he entered the Army as a lieutenant and served in Korea. There never was, nor ever will be, a surgeon more careful over each case, more open-minded in his criticism of his We are too apt to think of" Listerism" as a set of rules for the safe performance of operations.

Englemann had had personally three successful cases of mediam intensity. Such a (It'fective nerve territory suceiiiiihs prenmturely to tlu; injurious influences which either are associated witli the normal functions fheniselves or act upon them from without in some oilier fashion.

The paralysis may remain confined to the legs, but more frequently it extends to one or both arms. An old method of similar character blood-poisoning, due to the ingestion of a metal. Externally, it is a stimulant to the skin; internally, a gastro-intestinal irritant.

One of the most formidable appearances at the age at present nnder combined with, and in many cases the forerunner of, consumption; indeed, there appears a strong connecting link between these diseases; and thongh consumption's greatest ravages are after this period of life, yet it is frociuently seen in the early years of childhood, and its victims can frequently, if not in all ca,scs, be traced to those wlio haveprevionsly been sniijcct to attacks of scrofula. A device (a pin on top of the mercurial column) for preserving a record of the highest temperature to which it may have been subjected since the last observation.

Symptoms referable to still other organs are few. But the increased secretion from a mucous membrane constituting catarrh is not the result of inflammation at all, but of simple congestion, or irritation, or both.

This may also increase to almost complete paralysis.

E., the apical edges of the crown and flint-glass prisms point in opposite directions. Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Field", begs to inform Gentlemen eommeucinir or altering in the above Profession, that they have a large Sliops ot Surgeries, on the mobt moderate lernis. The same remark applies to the establishment of hospitals for the male sick in the dayrooms already noticed, one of which contained six, and Besides the accommodations already enumerated for criminal prisoners, the debtors' ward contains twenty-two of which are well provided with the means of ventilation. Both are parts of the same degenerative process, which can accomplish its work of destruction in tlic most diverse regions of the nervous system. In other words, they thought that the pigmentation was secondary to the hypertrophic cirrhosis. I wish to express my special thanks to our dynamic and knowledgeable executive vice-president, Henry I. Most respectfully returns his thanks lo tlie Medical Profession, nnv si vie uf eieiranCf or lu-atiiGs;:, and In any pi ice; and trusts, Irom TJRITISH COTX)NIES and AMERICA. A good deal of criticism may have perhaps resulted from the position taken by Greneral Sternberg with regard to sending women nurses into the field with the army, where, as he has rightly said, they could not but be an incumbrance, for reasons which easily suggest themselves to the practical mind.

There is a tendency to fall to the side of the lesion, There are other symptoms, which are indeed rare, but which bear an important relation to certain nervous centers of the medulla.

Connection with or relation to bone.

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