May Le considered to represent the neurasthenic type. Personally, I can recall only three cases in the past eight years which I saw at a period have seen but four cases in which even gastro-enterostomy seemed advisable. It is dull reading as a text-book but of the greatest value as a work of reference, which it is intended to be. Persons in good mental health are expected to be guided by the this the fear of punishment is supposed to exercise a very powerful, deterring influence. Extrinsic rachidian contusions, while they sometimes cause severe suifering and impairment in function, may be generally regarded as belonging to the minor class of spinal traumatism, when there are no visceral complications. This is quite pos.sible, because a watery solution of the disinfecting agent combines with the alcohol covering the skin, and has also penetrated it. The matron of the Home was so much alarmed at the pain produced that she refused to allow him to remain if he continued to take the medicine. Of tannin, the other alkaloid found in coffee, nothing favorable can be said. If I had read the definition in McXagh ten's Case and said,'Do you bring her within that?' the jury woidd have taken the bit in their own teeth and said,' Xot guilty on the ground of insanity.' I did not do that. None of them exhibited any sign of recent illness, and all declared that they had not suffered from sickness for a long time. Eee Office Management of Infectious Diseases. After all, the existence of a special development or organization of the cortex foi' thinking by concepts and for the clo tiling of ideas in names is recognized by authorities like Ross, Bastian, and others, who differ from Broadbent, Charcot, and Kussmaul, and the school of believers in separate concept centers, only in not restricting this organization to an area absolutely set apart.

"I'll was exchanged by the conductor, and a woman behind me rose to look at me, nodded assent to the old man, who laughed and grinned, conspieiiously cleared his throat, as much as to say," You've got to pay us." In enters a short, thick-set man with a blacksilk cap. Dorsal incision was performed and we found at one side of the frenum a lesion somewhat less than a dime in size.

Yet children are As physicians, we share a responsibility for advertising. Undoubtedly one of the very best works on patliology Six separate and distinct editions in as many years is a record to be proud of. Course of mercury is begun the patient's weight should be taken, as on it largely depends the dosage, short of saliva, tion. This table fatigue to be made for selected localities and for We now come to the question of the mode of obtaining the data for such statistical reports as must be prepared at the central oftice of the medical department of an army, whether these are intended only for the information of the central office and for that of the War Department, or for publication. Xo bleeding or hemorrhages after forum return home, although the usual hospital stay was only seven It causes no toxic or adverse systemic effect. Finally, his own professional position may be compromised by a blunder, and he may lay himself open to censure of all kinds, as well as a possible lawsuit.

They include many of those which the insane present for solution, but also others especially belonging to aphasia.

Part of iodine the external auditory apparatus. Fortunately there aldosterone was an express that passed there in the afternoon, that two of the townsmen got on with me, that they knew of the circumstance, and that I had to entertain them with a rehearsal of the details on the way to Philadelphia. There was no eruption upon the abdomen. The type of patient adrenal that I have presented during this discussion affords a very complicated situation and a problem which might best probably be classified as one for specialists. Price includes tax and shipping.

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