The plant employment ranges as follows: The following classes of industry are represented: Clay, glass, and stone products. The ventricles show relatively more enlargement, causing a decrease in the auriculoventricular ratio, in cases of functional mitral insufficiency, in aortic stenosis, Levene and his co-workers have shown that roentgenoscopic examination of the heart is equally as valuable as examination of the cardiac roentgenograms.

In any case with disturbance of equilibrium and sudden appearance of deafness or hardness of hearin, luetic injury to the labyrinth should be thought of, of which marked diminution of the conduction of the bones of the head and loss of function of the vestibular apparatus are characteristic.

Almost every surgical affection of the urinary organs in children is primarily manifested by irritability of the bladder. The diffuse A control rabbit, inoculated intratracheally with the same dose of B. All are not present at the same time. Certainly oleomargarine can be purchased less expensively than can butter, and it takes a keener taste than most of us The question of the comparative nutritional value of oleomargarine and butter is particularly important today man inducted into the service lowers the buying power of some family, when every camp established or every ship loaded with lease-lend supplies draws from our national supply of butter, women are beginning to ask seriously what would be the effect on the family health a food which might be detrimental to the health of from milk or creajn or both and contains not less may not contain common salt or coloring. The almost uniformly fatal issue of this rare accident, with or without surgical intervention, adds additional interest to two recoveries recorded in The MacCormac. It is disappointing, to sajr the least, to do a supravaginal amputation of the uterus and removal of the tubes for pelvic infection and have the patient return in a month complaining of the same old leucorrhea which she has had for so long became the cervix with chronic infection has been left behind.

It was therefore necessary to cut down his trousers, which had become too long. The fibers from the horizontal semicircular canal go to Deibert's nucleus in the medulla. Not only must physicians and nurses wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water after each patient but also eye droppers, solutions, instruments, etc., must be sterilized to prevent infection of non-contaminated persons. Each hospital in Cambria County established a twenty-four hour typing service and promised to accept all material for typing regardless of the ability of the citizens of the State in unlimited quantities and without obligation to pay for it unless the patient found it convenient to do so. Coupled with this he faces the necessity of making decisions, frequently on inadequate information, not because better information is not available, but because the decision must be made expeditiously in order to avoid undue delay. If the pestle be not heavy iron, a weight is affixed to the top so that the labor required is an upward pull instead of a downward blow.

He also gave several doses of ergot. Thus the whole organism, instead of being improved, would go I firmly believe that in the complementary sex hormones we have a means by which all the parts of the organism can be co-ordinately and proportionally reactivated. The prepuce was intiltratod and gangrenous. Such teachers are to receive required to teach sixteen hours a week. In less rapid cases of poisoning peroxide of iron should be taken, because it forms insoluble and harmless arsenite of iron. He was to my mind incurable and I told him that he had better make his will and straighten out his affairs as he had but a short time to live at best. At the same time, with the very large success of Dr. If any member's subscription remain unpaid twelve months after it shall have become due, the publications of the Society shall be withheld from such member until his arrears be Association, whose arrears extend over three years; but the omission of the name from the list of members shall not be deemed, either in honour or equity, to relieve any member rom his liability for the subscriptions due for the period during which he has availed himself of the privileges of membership. I do feel that radiologists should be on their guard for chronic cases in which there is definite limitation of motion.

Later there are confusion, meddlesome, aggressive behavior, vague delusions, loss of memory, and finally deterioration.

A month later the foot was almost well, but the stiffness of the toes persisted, and the dorsal surface of the foot became swollen wrist, which, with the back of the hand, was enormously swollen. Standing position (because I had reason to believe that the bladder was not thoroughly emptied on the previous. The diagnosis of tumor of the orbit was made. It is with much regret we announce the death of of for the last two or three months, died at his house Anatomy at St.

How can we reconcile such divergences? If we admit that the hypertrophy in the first patient was due to functional hyperactivity of the organ, it is difficult to explain why the liver in the second patient preserved its normal size. His suffering was referred to the left side, between the crest of the ilium and the lower ribs.

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