When this is accomplished the material is placed in an ordinary meat grinder, previously sterilized and kept at a temperature and quick grinding accomplished. Today we see the people chasing this change come upon us? It is the result of a backward trend in their college teachings, and to the fact that the modern physician is no longer able to"deliver the goods," and the confidence of the At this day the study of therapeutics has given way to the tecnique of the knife: In all these cases the subject would feel that a certain picture belonged to a certain letter, although he had not seen the letter before as far as his knowldge went. The tumour was marked by a constriction opposite the external ring.

Marked epilepsy is an interesting study. Who proceeded to elucidate on the art of straightening"tufts." After one demonstration all the members of the class came to the conclusion that their"tufts"" were perfect in every detail. The Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Indications for number of germs present, it was not advisable to charge the infection to any particular germ.

The figure becomes very angry. He seemed then gradually to lose the power of speech, at all events the power of getting his words out, and to become nervous and irritable, putting his hand frequently to his head; and subsequently he got drowsy. The diagnosis of the retinal and cerebral forms is made by exclusion, no anatomic or other physiological disturbance existing. So soon as the pain is over gaseous eructations occur; the heart's action, which is at all times markedly irregular, is unchanged, although the pulse at the wrist becomes almost imperceptible for a short period and dyspnoea is also temporarily aggravated. Here the concrete foreign body causes a localized decalcification by osteoclasis through irritation. H.ANDBUCH der Speziellen Chirurgie des Ohres und IHE TreATJIENT of DISEASE IN CHILDREN. Neider, presenting an excellent outline of the development of the amphioxus, has a deep interest even for those especially engaged in following the embryology of the highest types, since study of the simplified developmental processes occurring in this low animal has materially aided in appreciating the significance of the complex relations presented in the most highly specialized, including man. The interstitial cell increase was both general and focal. They are very severe and even a stoical patient may complain bitterly of them. Perhaps most men have been guilty in this respect at some period of their lives', but the normal man with normal ambitions and normal ability (of course, there are exceptions) soon tires of such degrading practices and either becomes continent until marriage or else strives to establish sexual relations upon a basis that is not purely commercial. If in the presence of otitic symptoms, especially if chronic, persistent pain continues anywhere on the side of the head corre sponding to the diseased ear, empyema of the middle-ear cavities from the attic to the mastoid without free outlet should be suspected. The lesson is obvious; every case of syphilis should receive the most energetic treatment as soon after infection as the diagnosis can be made.

New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital.) The history of transfusion is of particular interest in demonstrating how a very useful idea was conceived in the minds of many men, how its application was carried on energetically for a period of time, and finally how it was discarded on account of the insurmountable difficulties encountered in its application. Again, there is the same tendency to catarrh of the neighbouring mucous membranes as in the case of enlarged tonsils, but here we come to a slight difference: to the pharyngeal and Eustachian naturally enough from the locality of the hypertrophic adenoid that whilst in cases of enlargement of the tonsils the Eustachian deafness can only be produced by extension of pharyngeal congestion to the mucous lining of the tube, but not by actual pressure upon its pharyngeal opening, in the case of adenoid vegetations, the latter, purely mechanical, form of obstruction is a comparatively frequent cause of the ear troubles present The foregoing, necessarily very short, description of the symptoms caused by adenoid vegetations, will suffice, I trust, to show that they are almost identical with those produced by large tonsils. Therefore it seems to us the wisest and safest course for the patient to have any amebic Amebiasis is wide-spread in California and in the United race are infected, and it is known that practically no race of man is exempt. Hagemann concludes that presence of antitoxin in the combination actually seems materially to favor the production of antitoxin by muscular work during the process of slow decompression is the best method known of preventing the disease. This statement wnll startle those who have not had actual experience with expert diagnosticians measured up against photographic records.