The peristaltic motion ot the whole alimentary canal is produced by the regular, gradual contraction of the circular muscular fibres from above downward, which motion is assisted and invigorated by the general compression on the whole surface of the abdomen produced by the free and energetic action of the external abdominal muscles. MOLE said he had a case which looked as if it would end in the same way as the present one of Dr: On admission there was a large resonant swelling in the left the autopsy the abscess was found to be due to" diverticulitis" of the pelvic colon. (See Society Reports for This grave complication of - pregnancy is comparatively rare, yet the importance of its early recognition and prompt treatment is so evident, that a report of every case of this nature must be of value to the profession. Nothing can be promised, for dilatation may give temporary relief, permanent relief, or no legit relief at all. The mother noticed that the child was exceptionally drowsy and had an irregular gait. The fibres of the external an) directed obliquely downward and inward, and those of the internal obliquely downward and backward, so that they cross each other.

Marcus, of Cincinnati, gives in the Cincinnati Lancet- Clinic, January of abscess of the breast in a young girl.

In extensive clinical trial Dartal caused no serious toxic reactions. Farrell, Director, Bureau of Medical Care Insurance, Medical Society of the State of New York, and Mr. Editorial Trainee, Receptionist, Clerk: Because of the greatly increased volume of traffic into the Journal office, plus the greatly increased number of clerical duties, this year an additional employe was hired to serve as receptionist, clerk-typist. These cells aro irregular in form and size, and give off numerous branching tubes, which, by communicating with each other in various directions, constitute a very delicate network: eroids. William Lambe, of London, after a critical examination of the question, came to the conclusion that"man is herbivorous in his structure," and his conclusion has been verified by more than forty years of personal vegetarian experience. Fortunately no increase review was observed with the number of diabetics discovered as with the possibility that all these persons with mild glycosuria may be prediabetic cases who, if not watched, will develop frank diabetes in A cause suggested in the Bulletin for this increase in the frequency of sugar reactions is the greater consumption of sugar, owing to its cheapness, its substitution for the use of alcohol, or even to the wider use of malt beverages. The Professors of the University are present every day to treat such sick persons as present themselves. If it be necessary to tampon in this case, with iodoform gauze, leaving a little piece of it protruding, by which the tampon can be withdrawn at any time. The four remaining muscles extend the leg upon the thigh. Shaw bases this opinion upon the fact that prize-fighters rarely receive any injuries to the ribs, "" although immense blows may be given upon the thorax, the explanation being that the body is in a position to resist the effect of the blow. How does the mechanical explanation of gastrojejunostomy explain the relief of pain in these cases? The anastomosis cannot prevent the contact of food with the ulcer; nor does it, as I have shown previously, hasten invariably the evacuation of the stomach: When we compare the report of the above committee to that of the committee of the British Medical Association, apparent how extremely valuable these reports may be made when vast numbers of cases are recorded from which reliable conclusions can be derived; still a careful perusal of these ninety-one cases will amply repay one for the time and thought expended.

In his earlier work he resorted to muscle resection as well as nerve resection, but in the later cases he has omitted the muscle resection. I doubt very much if there could be found in the whole world three other such cases; whereas the number of cases who die, or who have pro longed illness after the suppuration and discharge of the foetus is, even in my own experience, very great." In closing his letter, Mr: She has vomited nearly every day during the past summer, mostly in the morning. Apparent that they did not have the experience or qualifications to speak authoritatively of the effect of trauma upon a cancer or its growth and that their opinions were not grounded on scientific facts. - these pieces were sometimes complete bony rings.

He did not accept the view entertained by some, that there was a causal relation between diabetes mellitus in children and the acute infectious diseases. Also featured: Caroid and Bile Salt American Sterilizer Company, Erie, Pennsylvania popular wherever it has been demonstrated throughout the country, priced right and the finest in quality will feature the latest developments in new, simplified diagnostic products which are adaptable to routine examination and patient management.