So far from being new, it is a distinct revival of an old suggestion, for Priestly, in his treatise entitled" Experiences of Different Dr. In many cases, complete recovery has taken place without resort to remedies, where large quantities of the poison have been ingested.

Regarding it as a stimulant to the organic nervous system, he considers that in all conditions where there is a depressioii of this kini of nervous influence, such as fainting from weakness or shock, the collapse of cholera, failure of the heart's action from chloroform or other cardiac paralyzers, the subcutaneous use of atropine is the most reasonable and hopeful means of middle-aged man, usually quite well.

So our interest has shifted in recent years from the presumed specificity of the germ theory to considerations of a far more complex character involving the entire endocrine system, the condition of the organism, the psychologic state of the organism, the state of fatigue, the state of I wonder whether developments in allergy might not be somewhat analogous in that the discovery of the specificity of the antigens, productive as it was, might have overshot its mark and lead to the neglect of these broader factors, involving the reactivity of the organism, a great deal more than the specificity of the antigen. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and believe that are sacred and therefore untouchable. Dissolve the acid and bicarbonate in the water, and strain. A friend at hand, who will understand Is the friend we've found in you. To fulfill the requirements it was necessary to include many different tumors and lesions, and there are not sufficient numbers in each group to make the statistics anything but In different years different amounts of radiation have been considered adequate, and in a good percentage of these cases our x-ray department does not now consider the treatment sufficient. The iron salts (sulphates, citrates, etc.) ionize more or less readily with the liberation of acidic ions. In the child of the physician the disease, though well marked, was of a very mild type, which had not prevented his attending a public school and pursuing Medical Journal" mentions that Dr. Boards of health to prescribe such rules for the removal of corpses from place to place as seemed to them expedient under the special circumstances Pacific Bailway, as submitted, would fully meet the views of the various REPORT ON THE SANITARY CONDITION OF THE PRISONS AT THE Office of thb State Boabd of Health, to visit the convict prisons at Pratt Mines, and to make an inspection of their sanitary condition. Bael fruit is an astringent, which is very useful in chronic relaxation of the bowels. Here, also, the clinic for general surgery and diseases of the genito-urinary organs is presided over by that accomplished Southern gentleman, Prof.

Gumpert states in his foreword that he is revealing to American readers that dictatorship is a sickness which drives all concerned to inevitable physical breakdown and proceeds to show that six years of a declining fecundity, an increase in rickets, cent flat feet, a growing criminality, an increase in drunkenness, a doubling of mental diseases, an increase in venereal diseases, a rise in tuberculosis for man and beast, an increase in epidemics, food poisoning, puerperal fever, an increasing mortality rate in the hospitals, a piling up of fatal accidents, a decline in working capacity, new occupational diseases, injury by compulsory sports, an increase in female labour, undernourishment, a shortage of vitamins, misery among the farmer class, the ruin of science, the decline T his is a book that will greatly interest the The Ophthalmoscope and Studies of the The name of no individual author appears on the flyleaf of this pamphlet published by the American Optical Company. The brachial artery was not injured, hence I thought the case was a fair one for resection, instead of amputation.

On examination it was found that the smallest bulbous bougie would not enter a English flexible bougie also failed to pass, but I succeeded this conductor the smallest of my tunnelled sounds, then a second, and finally a third.

The first thing noted in the abdomen is that the left kidney shadow can be fairly well outlined, a little better on the view box than on this projector, but, as well as we can see it, it appears to have its normal angulation, which would almost rule out horse shoe kidney.

Lusk, very pointedly said:" Only a very by first intention in extensive ruptures, as the result of tying the knees together and enjoining rest upon the side." With regard to the period of operation the weight of authority rested with immediate measures. At this time the skin was dry and unusually warm, the pulse accelerated (apparently by and left a red and bleeding surface, without apparent A microscopical examination exhibited many blood bodies?, many as large as blood-corpuscles, but most tmaller, and many without granular contents (pus and BQocous corpuscles); many flat polygonal and nearly drcukr nucleated epithelia of various sizes; masses of finely granular material, spread out in considerable areas; and masses of coarser reddish granular material: altogether answering to Beale's description (Mic. At his own request, he was dismissed storeys high, and, besides much general bruising, received a lacerated contused wound, situated about the middle of the left parietal bone, which was partially denuded of its periosteum.

He could recall many cases where murmurs had existed and then disappeared for a long time, the autopsy finallv showing organic lesion. The other ingredient is stated to be wheat flour subjected to prolonged baking, so This food has the advantage of easy preparation in the nursery, and families who cnnnot afford to use it as the sole food, will, according to my observation, find it useful made into a thin gruel and employed in diluting the cow's milk with which these infants are fed.". The tumor mass extended down almost the treated area was normal. If after ten days the patients do not return, another card is sent; ten days later, a letter is sent.

One month later the patient developed a closed loop small bowel obstruction caused by adhesions. Its formation in the blood presents insuperable difficulties, unless, as was held by Freitz, the conversion of urea into carbonate of ammonia takes place on the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane, whence it is absorbed. It is also employed topically as an astringent The British Solution of Perchloride of Iron has the strength of its tincture, while its Strong Solution of Perchloride of Iron is similar to the above. Rapidity in washing is most important in reducing the extent of injury. The proportion of the left to the right lobe has been variously estimated as one to four, five, or six.

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