In both a sufficient amount of opium had been taken to prove fatal, and a sufficient time too had elapsed to allow of its being absorbed into the system, as nothing of it was found in the vomitings after the stomach had been thoroughly washed. Besure at the end of the treatment, fore the incision was made an electrical Fifteen or twenty treatments of twenty examination by means of electrodes or thirty minutes each are generally applied to the surface of the arm enough. It is needless to mention the absolute necessity of having a knife as sharp as possible, for cutting through the rings of the trachea is always difficult with a blunt knife. The part may now be released from the grasp, and the needle passed iu again at the puncture of exit in front of the veins, and out at the first place of entrance. While immunization was obtained in several species of animals, the horse was chosen as furnishing a larger amount of serum with greater ease, and one which of itself causes the least disturbance when injected into other animals. His opportunities are exceptionally great in the field of finance. It is to be noted, however, that in most of Ferrari's experiments little or no damage was done to the cerebral veins, and that, except at the points occupied by the wax plugs, the venous channels respect the conditions were radically different from those which obtain in clinical cases of thrombosis of the cranial sinuses in the human subject. Formerly, I used Pagenstecher thread in the middle layer. It is to be remembered that such cultures and smears may show no diphtheria bacilli, although the case is clinically one of diphtheria.

There was no suspicion that it involved the nerve On exposing the growth it was found to be in the substance of the nerve, or rather that the nerve was expanded over and through the mass. William Campbcll Posev (Philadelphia): I have been much interested in the subject of school myopia for a great many years and have examined the eyes of many school children. The ulcer varies in length from three-eighths to seven-eighths of an inch, and in breadth from about a quarter to half an inch. Twenty minims of the tincture of veratrum viride was then administered by hypodermic injection, and in one hour after another ounce of blood was drawn in, as nearly as possible, the same manner into a similar graduated glass. When, however, it is a question of actual structural changes in the iris, or in the retina, or in some other anatomical division of the visual apparatus, the idea of a reflex causation should be abandoned; but we may assume, even if we cannot demonstrate the fact, that those changes are due to toxic agents in the blood, or to micro-organisms that have become lodged in the affected parts. We can say no more in praise of this great book except that it is indispensable to the surgeon, aural surgeon and neurologist. The liver was felt below the costal margin. He adds, however, that the stomach was twisted. Shattdck: I should like to ask whether there have entered the system through an avenue other than the stomach? in which case I suppose it may not have produced the gastrointestinal lesions.

It can hardly be said that the Irish gentry afforded the Government much assistance by subscribing funds or employing labour, and throughout the resources of this class were grievously reduced, and that hundreds of landlords were simply beggared, and extraordinary sympathy could not exist between the more than overflowed, and the gigantic mass of destitution caused by the failure of the crop was flung on the system of public works, which had been improvised after day despairing Relief Committees sent fresh numbers to the tale of the employed; week after week the officials of the Board of Works saw with alarm new swarms of hungry figures crowd to the roads which, in every part of the country, were the melancholy scenes of their forced labour; and at last fully remote districts of the south and west; magnificent and world-wide charity poured its contributions into the afflicted land, and as the Executive adhered to its rule not to interfere with the retail trade, food, thouiih necessarily at an excessive price, was more abundant than could be expected.

On this subject the author says that he has" brought these two classes of disease, that is, chest and throat, together, because the parts are so closely related that wbeu one is diseased it is generally necessary to interrogate the others before a correct diagnosis or proper plan of treatment can be reached." If this were carried to its logical conclusion, would it not be necessary to bind up a treatise on general medicine with most of our text-books on special subjects? But this minor point is easily overlooked in a book which is so good. Whether this is wise is an open question. Hyperacidity of the stomach, as indicated ervaring by water brash, heart burn and palpitation, may occur.

When it is in its normal position and unhampered by adhesions its circulatory performance is achieved without disturbance, but the mere fact that it is so highly vascularized renders it unusually susceptible to grave disturbances when any factor obtrudes itself in the way of this An eye ball that is congested, however slightly, is a constant source of pain, and no time is lost in seeking and removing the cause of the congestion.

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