The symptoms of this condition are dependent upon the amount of fat deposited in the walls of the heart, on the presence or absence of muscular degeneration and coronary atheroma.

In Upper Egypt the same rule obtains in January and the first two weeks of February, while before and after this period summer Among the precautions to be observed (most of which apply to the well and weak alike) is not to move about the country too rapidly and try to see London and Cairo) tells me that he is constantly meeting with cases of nervous exhaustion.

One of the most important things in the treatment of sick horses and cattle is a box stall of some sort, where the animal can be kept. When it is considered no longer desirable to use the material it is sold for manure.

There will be stiffness of the hind legs, and the straddling gait always present The first treatment is to give a purgative to counteract the tendency of the blood to the kidneys, combined with an anodyne to Castor Oil, one and one-half pints; This may be repeated in six hours if it does not operate. Before he left, he had further consultations with Daniel reached their destination in early November. At the postmortem examination the spleen was found enlarged and soft; the liver was large, firm, and slate-gray in color; the kidneys were large, the medullary rays pale, the vessels congested; in the stomach were several cicatrices; on the surlace of the dura mater, far back on the right side, was a small haemorrhage; on the middle of the first frontal convolution on the right was a small area of pigmentation in the pia.

Japonicum are found in certain blood-vessels, and NEMATODA, represented by the filaria and filarial embryos, or micro-filaria. Neither is there any prospect or probabihty that fully developed svdne-plague will ever yield to treatment. who hve in cities, or keep much within doors, are very liable to it when exposed to the sun and fresh air. Nor could he anticipate that thinking about libraries would change so drastically in forty years. In its simple form it is not dangerous, unless its exciting causes are continued; but frequent colds, rendered chronic by mismanagement, impair the condition of sheep, and eventually lead to low forms of fever, wasting and death.

The hernia is first reduced and the index finger is thrust into the external ring as far as possible. The treatment consists in facilitating excretion of toxic elements by the kidney and the reduction, as far as possible, of their formation in the system. No physical signs of disease could be detected in any part of the lungs. Bern Dibner, director of the icut, the John F. The affected muscles of the loins and hips are swollen, tense and rigid. The above inference will be further confirmed, if the tongue be loaded or furred at its root, its edges and point being red, and the papillae erect; if the appetite be unimpaired, or even sometimes ravenous; if the palms of the hands and soles be hot, and the countenance and cutaneous surface more or less unhealthy; and the bowels relaxed, griped, and the stools crude or offensive. Before putting on the bandages, handrubbing the part will often cause much of the fluid to be absorbed. When possible injections should be made at once with unmixed blood, if this is not possible the To study the characters and special properties of either the red or white corpuscles, coagulation must be prevented in the same way and the corpuscles rapidly separated by centrifugalising the blood. A feeble old man with impaired digestion, hardened arteries and a failing heart The acute case should be put to bed and kept there until convalescence ensues. Table If to these operating costs are added the Fluoridation is clearly economically feasible in Delaware. Gonion, the point at the angle of the lower jaw.

Burk, Jr., Arlington, was given the Terese Lasser Award for his general practitioner serving the citizens of Caroline County.

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