When the crisis is past the inflamed lung very seldom fails to renewal clear up rapidly and completely. A vigorous bath should precede it, all body and bed linen changed, all affected members of the family treated simultaneously.

And Deliriants, which stand at the other end of the Narcotic scale, may often advantageously be given with Sedatives, which they very much resemble in their nervous operation. It is the worst about the middle of June. Cows have more tendency to abort than other animals; women are next in frequency. Of seventy-two cases treated by the method advocated by Lincoln, twenty-six had resulted in a cure, two had failed, and sm in forty-four the result had not been method tmder discussion, the cautery snare, and not the snare was recommended, because it was the heat that divided the tissues and prevented the hemorrhage.

The Egyptian and Hellenic chroniclers have little to say on this subject. The oil of allyl has an exceedingly penetrating smell:

A rigid bed "" with a weigh t-and-pulley extension.

In the former class the pressure is of brief duration, for one of two events is not long delayed: the patient succumbs to the malady, or the abscess discharges into some adjacent structure and the pressure is thus removed. He came from the operating room as well as when he left the ward, and was sitting up within the hour.

There is good reason to believe that it dex)ends largely upon carbonaceous matter which has been inhaled into the lungs and has been absorbed by the mucous surface and then deposited in the tissues and taken up by the lymphatics. The horse will stand till the last; but cattle, sheep and dogs will lie down, sometimes for weeks before death occurs.

The lower intercostal spaces are drawn in with each inspiration, but the ribs do not portal usually recede. The councils are composed of such members as are necessary to accomplish the purposes of the council. To this system it might further be objected, that Alteratives are again entirely omitted; and that the class of Mechanical agents would seem to belong to the division of Irrkants, included among Lqpal Stimulants. The respirations increase in frequency in proportion to the extent of the lungs involved. The former will be considered under the head of haemoptysis. Appendicitis deserves special mention, not so much from its viewpoint as a complication as from that of differential diagnosis.

Mialhe proposes to imitate the natural conditions of absorption by precipitating the sublimate with white-of-egg, and dissolving this albuminate with chloride of sodium. Two more x ray treatments were given a week apart, and the injections continued every fourth day until April ist, when all treatment was discontinued and patient discharged as cured.

When using the large end of the leech on the face, the cork is inserted in the small lower opening, the bulb or suction pump being on the other end.

They stimulate but are not acted upon by the saliva. The chief advantage claimed for the catgut is that when it becomes moistened, it swells and closes the needle ptmctures, thtis controlling the hemorrhage which frequently occtirs. Bed-sores may form if the nursing be not vigilant, and oedema of the legs is not uncommon.

Medical author that he has for a number of years used this drug in the treatment of the diarrhoea of California and Oregon, with the happiest results, especially in those cases in which there is nausea or other disorder of the stomach. COMPOSITION OF THE SOCIETY The Society shall consist of active members and such other members as the Bylaws may provide. The development of the uterus had occurred posteriorly, the uterus evidently rising in the pelvis as far as this connecting band would permit. Caution should be exercised when INDERAL is administered to a nursing woman.

This-: a case where the horse was not probably predisposed to the disease, an he would not get it if he had been properly exercised until the adipos tissue, had been reduced and the muscles that had become weak had tin: to get strong. Ability to control the use of health care resources by encouraging a cost-conscious approach to medicine among its health care providers. Throughout the whole complaint its extreme tendency to assume an adynamic character should be borne in mind, and all debilitating remedies should be scrupulously avoided.

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