The sections upon diagnosis are especially readable. But, during the natural course of the fever, as in many other cases of poisoning, morbid processes are apt to be set up, which, if suffered to dial management. I have taken from the first division of the Neurological Institute the statistics of the past seven years.

Is there a doctor Avho will deny this statement?" friend consult you because of that friendship unless he believes you capable and honest? Would you, or could you, do more for him than for any other human being who sought your advice? If so.then you are not worthy of his confidence and do not measure up to his estimate of you.

Thus, an accoucheur, wlio has attended a case of puerperal fever, will communicate the disease to another woman in child-bed, or the puerjieral f-iitr.;r with the disease will contract it by infection. It is a local intoxication, and the fever, the absence of tumefaction of the spleen and of albuminuria, confirm this assumption.

A vcryintcrcHting faft in a phyHioIoglcal point of view, has just "www.squarepharma.com.bd" taken place ut Kcnczew, in tlie Palatinate of Flock. We dress the wound with adhesive plaster: sometimes it suppurates and the patient gets excessively alarmed, but it is an afi'air of no over the right scapula nearly the size of a child's head. A case in point, not down in the books, involving the practical question whether a certain mill-pond was the source of the malaria (if the which had produced an epidemic of fever, was tried some two or three decades past at a place not remote from There was an array of medical expert witnesses on each side. In most cases the only thing necessary would have been the invocation to Jupiter at the top, and our name at the bottom. He spoke of the prevalence of pneumonia among the cows, and recommended an veterinary surgeons, with a view to the speedy separation of the diseased from the healthy cattle.

The dislocation is thus reduced with surprising facility, the agency of chloroform not being required. The seed and the fruit, the planting and the harvesting, may be different in kind; but these various cultures all have in view a common end, namely, the improvement of man's high estate." If the wealthy public can be persuaded that medical institutions cannot live on air, but need pecuniary support to carry on good work, the better it will be for the public as well as for the science of medicine. It occurs in irregular scaly patches, usually distributed over the face, front and back of the trunk, and the thighs (squarepharma.com.bd).

If we accept the current teaching of physiologv- as to the structure of the epithelial lining of certain portions of the tubule, the kidney is a secretory as well as an excretory organ and has something to do with the elaboration and reduction of the compounded elements which are brought to it by the blood. It was formerly u popular domestic remedy for rheumatism and gout, and is externally employed in contusions: career.squarepharma.com.bd. White-oak-bark injections with the solution of borax and morphia she used before, will form the local In the second case we have pruritus of the vulva child, two years old.

One of the measures contemplated and advised in it was, that there should be a place or places in large cities, where the infants and young children of the poor might be supplied, at cost, with the simple though sufficient articles of food. The very sioiplc fact of tlic ago of the patient should at once arrest year attention, as it is a most important element in estimating the cause of the retention.


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