Its consistence ranges from that degree of loose aggregation that permits elongation into stringy, breaking masses when fished up from the water in which it floats, to a firmness and tenacity that will enable it to be handled without fear of breakage.

We can make a mistake only where there is an alkaline reaction in the urine, which sometimes happens in neutral or very faintlj' acid urine, owing to the escape of carbonic acid during the heating, and the consequent precipitate of phosphates, especially of calcic phosphate. The laboratory offers the only appropriate method for thorough instruction in analytical chemistry.

The discharges are acrid and irritating, and the neighboring parts become red and excoriated. Indeed, the majority of these cases are scarcely amenable to surgical treatment PRIMARY DISEASES OF THE RECTCM AND ANUS. They consist of the following phenomena: No response to the faradic curreut; increased excitability to the galvanic current, with a reversal of polar reactions, anodal closing contraction being stronger than cathodal closing contraction, and the response being slow and prolonged. The child was propelled to the floor, whilst the mother, a young woman in her first labour, was in the upright position.

These institutions are now on trial before the profession and the public.

How many apples were required to furnish pips sufficient to produce two grains and a quarter of cyanide of silver? And it would appear, from Mr. Morbific matter or poison, it is probably reproduced in the air, as well as within the bodies of those it affects, and that its diffusion may be due, to a certain extent, to the agency of the atmosphere. This combines with chlorine and from the chloride of propyler thus obtained glycerine is produced, by a process in which no glycerine is employed. In cases of deep fissures a nipple shield was used for a few days.

By Robert Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, one catalogue of the Warren Anatomical A i; i. The paroxysms are very irregular as to time: there may a daily seizure at different hours, or there may be several chills on the same day. Whenever a malarial infection is causative a change of climate becomes imperative.

He brought the magic secret with him, which was simply a couple of drops of the Mother Tincture of Phosphorus in a little Glycerine. He did not, however, believe that fat was the essential element of Bright's disease. While it aids in checking the diarrhoea, it is an eflScient antiemetic and antiseptic. The full report of the proceedings of the Medical Society with reference to the obnoxious physicians, has not been the unpublished speeches and give it to the readers of the Medical Union, on condition that they keep it quiet. Suffice it to say,, that as the law now stands, an individual who may have acquired a legal qualification to practise as a Physician, Surgeon, or Apothecary in Ireland or Scotland, is not entitled in respect of such Irish or Scotch qualification to practise as a Physician, Surgeon, or Apothecary in England; and, therefoie, if an Act were to pass which directed a registration of the legally qualified Practitioners in this country, such persons as were in possession only of a qualification to practise in Ireland or Scotland would not be able to claim registration under it. She had been troubled with piles at different times during the preceding eight yeais. This body was about one-fourth of an inch in diameter, and may have been years in forming. Painting the overlying skin with tincture of iodine is a very common practice, but it seldom does much good.

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