When he saw the patient the eyes were puffy; otherwise she was in good condition. Hendrix, and he seemed to understand the concerns for local physicians and was President of the Southeast Kansas Medical So- j yearly, with eight of these meetings being held i in Independence and one in Chanute. In the words of an elderlv lady, moving into a retirement Aging is a reduction process, externally as well (and, it can be said, need) usually require a reduction in the size of quarters, with elimination of valued mementoes. ) They often may be overcome by correcting habit, and are otherwise best counteracted by taking a few minutes every hour or two for calisthenics. If it is desired to withdraw more blood, the cups are emptied and, after washing away the clots from the cut surface, they are applied again, or hot fomentations may be employed to encourage the bleeding. Hoffman (Medical Record, but fewer and fewer have the process activated by the infections and bad hygienic habits. Newspaper articles in simple non-technical language were prepared and published in the native newspapers throughout the various districts. It is often worse at night, and frequently forces the sufferer patients are convinced that it is caused by Of all occurrences which drive a patient to the doctor, hemorrhage, from what surface soever, and however slight, is surely the most unfailing.

As five or six different sections were evacuating their stretcher cases on Vadelaincourt, the congestion was terrific, an ambulance often being obliged to wait in line three or four hours before being able to discharge its load of wounded. The cases were typical ones; many of them, before taking refuge in the Long Island Hospital, had BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL drifted from one institution to another and had undergone various methods of treatment with varying benefit. During! the recovery period, I wanted to bring up the, subject of my assisting in the office but suffered I the same inhibitions of an awkward, unattractive: teenager approaching the popular cheerleader: captain. The patient later he had recovered, but had many subjective sensations. In gold plating a boiling solution of salt, saltpeter and hydrochloric acid is used from which chlorin vapor may arise. Foreign countries belonging to the Postal Union. The writer was called at once and saw him within a few minutes, finding the condition stated above. Director of the Yale University Gymnasium, is much material that comes under the term"theory," more properly"conjecture," and little that comes under the precise term So many problems must be settled before the correct standard can be discovered and so little, comparatively, has been done to accurately determine the underlying principles of this standard that we are hardly beyond the threshold of progress. Tlio outbreak of the revolution.

Few, perhaps no oats are grown; barley is rare, and not commonly given to horses. Medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Two committees were appointed, one to consider the subject from a clinical point of view, and the other to deal with its bacteriological and pathological aspects. Morton in IS'.tT to define a new method of local aims- I thesia presented by him at that time. The overall mechanism for review is also being looked at. Secretin so far has had a very narrow field in therapeutics and this I believe is due to the small amount of clinical data that has been given out by the internists who have theoretically suggested its use. Of all these systems the one which has endured the longest was almost the most fantastic in its structure. Expert opinions are supposed to be strictly scientific and the same be strong enough to make an expert see things which have no existence at all. The cause resides in the paradox that the patient needs symbols to validate his or her sickness. The urine The only reference to cases of the disease occurring in the United States, that the writer has been able to find, are briefly as follows: They are five in number, three being imported cases and two seem to have originated in this country.

Deaths from influenza in India as a whole in guilty of murder, but insane at the time, at the recent Kent assizes, the Home Secretary said that the man bad been be sent to a home at that time as no suitable accommodation was available.