It seems to me that a good trained nurse, a patient resting quietly in a good bed, a properly selected diet, an abundance of pure cold water and a very small apothecary shop should be armament enough to so equip the average general practitioner as to obtain a rate of mortality low enough to satisfy even Elisha Bartlett reported an attack of typhoid fever occurring in principal interest of this case is connected with the age of the patient. Dislocation of the kidney might be suspected if, the patient being under an anesthetic, on examining the supposed tumor, the outline of the kidney, and possibly also the j)ulsation of the renal artery, can be made out by palpation through the abdominal walls, or through the rectum and vagina; or if an exploratory puncture withdraws urine or a fluid containing characteristic urinary constituents, such as urea. An examination of the literature reveals the following reports: Pohlmann did not find herpes in any of his fatal cases. It is true that some people live on less than stated in these examples, but to do so they must deprive themselves of so many comforts and necessities that their health is endangered. Among other pathologic findings may be mentioned more or less extensive edema and, somewhat more rarely, effusions into serous cavities. It was evident that the foundation stock of this new industry, with very few exceptions, must be selected animals from the nondescript varieties already in the United States. Each new fact appears first as a novelty in the mind of some dreamer, but fails to be appreciated till other related, and belated, discoveries, in other departments perhaps, concur to give to it in front of the advancing line of the arts and sciences, and no member of the band may move forward except in company with the rest. Isador Abrahamson: The patient was a male; thirty-five years old; single; a peddler, and a native of Roumania. A room or a house vacated by a cancer case should be most carefully disinfected before being again occupied. Elsberg: The patient was a man, forty-eight years old, a theatrical manager, who brother was an imbecile; otherwise his family history was negative.

He thought it merely some reparative process designed by nature for the removal of pathologic products. In these rare and fatal cases of acute dilatation the symptoms are most urgent. Eum, secretary and treasurer, Whitebear Lake, United States Official Register Association American Cat Association, Lucy C. After such an exposure usually nothing is noticed for a week, then a faint erythema appears, which four days later becomes a slight pigmentation; at the end of two weeks the hair begins to fall, and complete alopecia soon results. It is not in beauty alone that Baguio excels. Ulcers of back and vesicles on the skin of that region; congestion of the base of lungs is said, by some, to be trophic nutritive deficiency. In these cases the red blood-cells are probably dissolved or hemolyzed by the action of the causal micro-organisms or other toxins. Diarrhea at the Vanderbilt Clinic during the Shiga bacillus.

The latter cells were very large and the nucleus deeply indented. A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical The Practical Medicine Series of Year Books, comprising Third Annual Report of the Metropolitan Water and University of California Publications. The public neither appreciates the loss nor the saving of life. There is danger that the sense of proportion may be lost in our enthusiasm for the type of research which such laboratories as this under consideration represent. Pruritus, is essentially a surface sensation and is probably located in the epidermis. Aiming to increase the number rather than to elevate the standard of excellence What is the remedy? Manifestly, the gradual practical elevation of the character and efficiency Elevate the standard of requirements of admission into all our colleges of medicine and make a five year course the minimum requirement for graduation. He referred to the frequency of the demonstration of healed tuberculous lesions in autopsy subjects over thirty years of age, and said that that fact showed how easily the organism could overcome the tubercle bacillus.

The duration of the attack of diphtheria has a very important bearing on the quantity to be administered. MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE GREATER CITY Various Clinical Types of Acute Dilatation of this paper.

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