W Clemson College Boylston, Lt. Much employed in medicine and pharmacy for a tincture prepared by digestion at a moderate heat. In a day or two another ass went mad. Other muscles, including the trapezius, scaleni and pectoralis minor, are brought into play during forced inspiration.

At the present day we smile, amused at the extremism of a few generations ago, when phlebotomy was so universal, and even now, advanced thought based on better facts is forcing the so-called antisepticist to leave his self- constructed pedestal, or be consigned to the position of his recent sanguineous predecessors. M., Achromatic, one in which, by proper lenses, the chromatic aberration is corrected. (d) Infiltration and swelling of the iris. The ulceration had partially destroyed the epiglottb, was distinct around the glottis, and entering the larynx, had said that in such a case, if nitrate of silver or other local applications could be useful, there was no doubt whatever in his mind but that they could be directly applied in the form suggested by Dr. Rigor mortis was fully developed, tlie upper parts of the body being especially rigid. Some months ago I was called some distance away to see Mrs. We are very much gratified by knowing that this admirable work is being prosecuted, and we trust that it will repay, by its acknowledged value, the labour of its able and indefatigable authors. Also known as a Recurrent n biology, one of the segments into which a sarcotyle or muscle-fibril appears to be divided by transverse Fond of flesh as food; sarcophagous. Second American, from second English Edition.

But two dogs brought from that country having been inoculated by M. So that is a little hedging there that protects us. On account of the latter symptoms it had been likened to phthisis, one being of the lungs, the other of the kidneys, but the presence of sugar in the urine was long unknown. The demand for splenic vaccine became so great that M. One of the principal coupon of these is purely psychic, purely a product of the imagination.

This normal turbid urine has an Clear urine of the h o r s e is always abnormal and usually has an acid reaction; upon cooling.' however, it may become turbid. Whether that is due to the fact that the horse at two or three years of age is put to work, and is subjected to greater strain; and also to the fact that we do not pay so much attention to lameness in the cow, I don't know. It remains benign for some time and later becomes malignant, and this lesion is the discrete fetal or embryonal adenoma.

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