In part"I too have thought necessary, having kept in touch with the whole course of these events, to write a history, which I dedicate to you, Theophilus, in the hope of bringing home to Your Excellency the truth of what you have Novum Testamentum.

" Under the Auspices and Patronage of the Lieutenant-Governor," Mr. There were, however, no physical signs to be elicited. We know almost nothing of the origin of benign tumors, and are groping to discover the origin of cancer, sarcoma, and other malignant growths: Morse had rendered first-aid suffering with a burn from live steam; the upper part of his body, which was exposed, was burned. At a special meeting of the members of the Medical Board the Governor-General as Chancellor of the University of King's College be adopted, and that it be signed by the members and forwarded to Kingston without delay:"To His Excellency the Right Honourable Sir Charles America, and Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief in and over the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Island of Prince Edward," The memorial of the members of the Medical Board in that part of the Province of Canada formerly constituting the Province of Upper Canada, respectfully sheweth that your memorialists hail with great satisfaction the arrival in the person of Your Excellency, of a statesman of superior talents and enlarged experience, whose wisdom will not fail to justly appreciate the object of your memorialists in addressing Your Excellency at this early period of Your Excellency's administration. The ptomaines though closely resembling the vegetable alkaloids in both action and reactions can yet be differentiated if a sufficient attempt will be made to describe them in this article. The mucous membrane of the tympanic cavity was brownish-red, swollen, and spotted with yellowish membrane. This arrangement allowed three cases to be treated simultaneously; given an increased number of The electrodes used were of various types, the best being a flexible bougie electrode, obtained from Malaquin, Paris. Frogs, for instance, do not have convulsions when a solution of the phalloides is injected, but invariably do when solutions of the With these species, as with muscaria, late symptoms seem sometimes the cause of death, viz.: icterus, hepatic enlargement, hematuria, Besides the amanitae there are a few other genera of which some species are poisonous. The fire by commandeered horses, too late to be of use. In epileptic fits especially, one case of ten years standing in which I exhausted all remedies at my command, it has proven a valuable remedy, always positive and REGISTERED MORTALITY OP LOS ANGELES. The works published by Saunders have a high average and fulfill their aim excellently. Two of his sons died before him, one at the age of fifteen during his second year of college life, the other being Staff Assistant-Surgeon of Her Majesty's Forces, at Allahabad, India, at the time of his death. The following short note has been furnished by Dr. He has established a Bolshevist veterinary school in which the course is It is to see, says the French journal, that the Russian flocks and herds are in danger of almost complete extinction, and that this condition is not without interest to the outside Topeka Daily Capital reports that officials of the Russian government are purchasing horses by the thousands in Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming, and concludes:'' They are negotiating to have these horses slaughtered and the meat canned and shipped to Russia in train-load lots." The Hon.

Was at once returned to the asylum to stay the I had many long talks with him about the matter and learned that he knew, as well as any one, that when he shot his neighbor he was doing an act prohibited by law and that he would be arrested and tried for it, but relied on being cleared on the ground of justifiable homicide, claiming that he did it in self-defense, which he explained as defense of the attacks on his character.

Research in the subject is founded on the confluence of modern physiological investigation, as developed by laboratory science and animal experimentation, and by the discoveries of psychoanalysis, both representing dynamic outgrowths of medicine.

Robert Barnes In the following case the "alcoholism" issue was unusually favorable. Possibly it belongs in the group labeled toxic nephritis. Review - he found that the percentage of successful cases varied with the different classes of patients.

The same effect you will have when you apply to those animals subcutaneously these chemicals dissolved in olive oil.

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