Vegetation bears witness to the warm, moist character of the westerly winds. They are not found in German measles, measles, diphtheria, or whooping cough. The track of the bullet showed it had passed across the great sciatic nerve without great damage. I was told of fiodling strength toid depression of spirits in nearly all of them, and some were more or less emaciated and of lymphatic habit. The chapters are logically arranged, and each contains at the An Index of Treatment. PROFESSOR OF OBSTETRICS IN THE JEFFERSON MEDICAL COLLEGE, PHILADELPHIA. It is contributed almost entirely by Dr. Motion in the spine is partially limited. McBurney's, for the radical cure of inguinal hernia: after exposing the sac the anterior wall of the canal is incised and the sac ligated and excised at the internal ring; the skin is inverted and stitched to the ligamentous and tendinous structures, the wound healing by granulation. They are composed adrenals and similar to nerve cells in general.

Clinically, no change was effected in the patient's condition. This description, while correct for most cases, may not entirely apply, as in some instances we are able to obtain a view from the opening almost to the cardia in a straight line, while in others the variation from the above may be slightly toward the Killian first called attention to the fact that the tonic sphincterlike occlusion of the superior extremity of the esophagus is confined to the region of the lower border of the cricoid cartilage where the lowest transverse bundle of fibres of the inferior constrictor of the pharynx forms a lip shaped prominence on the posterior wall. C is a pipet for measuring the blood.

The emijloyment of these procedures may have its justificali'in in certain severe and selected cases, hut as a general rule I deem it advisable to try less radical means before resorting to Reduction under anaesthetic by manipulation: In the advanced type of flat foot, in which correction of the deformity either actively or passively is impossible on account of the absolute rigidity and marked tenderness, the administration of an an;esthetic is indicated. Method of examining the peritoneal cavity by filling it with sterile filtered air through a hollow needle, plunging a trocar through the distended abdominal wall, and jrassing through the trocar a cy.stoscope by means of which the adjacent peritoneal surface may be acid; a delomorphous cell. Do you think the pathological anatomical changes are of circulatory origin, of toxic degenerative origin, of inflammatory origin, oregon Dr. We have only to protect ourselves from any chance of failure. Elliott has reported a case in which the ulna was an inch shorter than the radius, to which it was attached bv a bridge of bone; and Crawfurd and Lockwood have published a very interesting case in which the x-ray showed that the terminal phalanges of the fourth and fifth toes were lacking. From it are prepared Unguentum iodi and Unguentum potassii iodidi. A trauma can never induce inflammation, perforation, or gangrene in a perfectly healthy appendix on account of its motility and protected position; it matters not how severe the injury. In the main the treatment will be directed by a combination of methods which will take into consideration the primary morbid process and the evils that flow A Comparative Study of the Mechanism of theoretical basis the various phenomena observed during the healing of wounds.

Medullae of Bartholin, a collective term for the oblongata and spinal cord. On following the examiner's finger downward with her eyes the upper lids lagged.

The groom had noticed that he was dull and listless that morning, was influenza. If we compare one eruption with another, and find their lines of action dissimilar, then it follows with the unerring logic of Nature that these eruptions denote different diseases, and, conversely, when we find several eruptions displaying the same lines of action, we know that Nature has drawn no essential distinction between them, and hence the variation of color and form, however conspicuous they may be. Sinai for tenderness in the right lower chest and right scapula.

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