Sir William Hamilton also pointed out the paralUlism between the relative development of the cerebellum in young animals, and their command over the action of their limbs. As yet, our methods are crude and primitive. Four times in the year clinical clerks and dressers aro appointed for three their foin-th or I'll'di wintev.

But I want to talk to you very briefly this afternoon because, for one reason, I am quite tired. The children were numbers, and they had to exchange or fall out, as they were added, or multiplied, or subtracted, and quick and alert they were to leap to their places." During summer the class teaching is carried on in cool caves, of which there are several. The symphysis pubis projected forward, and the horizontal rami of the pubes were markedly incurvated. I was at a loss to find one remedy that covered the whole ground. These hospitals functioned in the same manner as our own evacuation hospitals and under the command of an officer of the Medical Department. There until the subsidence of fever, and, if one can generalize at all, one may say with the greatest benefit. It should prove useful, especially to those who in the future attempt to unravel the mysteries of the etiology of the disease.

The need for of these men succeeded in getting commissions. Louis, and Fort Oglethorpe, and a large number were detailed for duty in these dispensaries.

Rominger (to whom I am indebted for the case) to allow us to operate and see if there was a pressure that Hospital, I turned back a large bone flap on the right side and found extradurally several large deposits of lime salts.

The results of his researches in these and other stores of clinical and pathological archives are set forth in the breezy argumentative tone of the critical physician, which renders the whole work attractive to the i-eader, even where a good deal of superfluous energy appears to be expended in disposing of self condemning Although the main purpose of the book is to inquire into the whole question of arterio-sclerosis as it occurs in practice, the phenomena of high tension, before and after the occurrence of the obvious vascular changes, is constantly kept in view, and, as a consequence, a good deal of repetition is unavoidable. Especially today must we be alert to detect not only this easily recognizable and still not infrequent classical picture of acute inebriety, but also the less common, and often undetected symptomatology, due to the many alcohol-containing preparations, with more or less Not a few deaths have resulted in the past year from the imbibition of various pharmaceutic preparations containing reaction, the visual disturbances, and frequently the history of the consumption of an unknown preparation, or one known to contain wood alcohol, usually suffices to put us on our guard. The provision that the agreement may be terminated bv three months' notice does not really relieve the situation and no appeal seems to have been provided in respect either to the amount of remuneration or the terms of service.

And Manchester Children's Hospital and resident surgical officer to the Ancoats Hospital, Manchester, he went into practice at Bramhall Park, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire. In this group of cases we are again at a loss for an explanation of the retinal hemorrhages.

This is the group in which the vast majority of the arhythmias are placed, due to the fact that nearly all cases of sinus and extrasystoUc arhythmia must be included.

Regurgitation is usually given as a common symptom, but it generally appears late when the growth is situated in the neighborhood of the cardia, or when there is much dilatation of esophagus. Since the signing of the armistice considerable time has been spent in the study of the records of neropsychiatric cases found in the Army. Calculate a five per cent, solution in grains and ounces, and see how great is the difference in simplicity and trouble.

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