In the case of the State versus McKnight, the defendant McKnight was an osteopath who was charged with practicing medicine without first obtaining a license to practice the same from the Board of Medical Examiners. The author gives reasons for believing that quinine hemoglobinuria occurs only in those whose organs have been altered by malaria, quinine quinine hemoglobinuria in animals without No case of quinine hemoglobinuria has been reported which was not complicated to do with an idiosyncrasy in a person with whom malaria is a coincidence is furnished by the fact that quinine intoxication appears in most cases sometimes after a good many the malarial poison has had time to act on produced by an intolerance gradually set up by repeated doses of quinine, for large and repeated doses are often given in non-malarial diseases, and yet not a single case of quinine hemoglobinuria has been reported and Greece, and becomes relatively frequent in extra-European countries where attacks after the malaria was cured, and without any quinine having been given. As independent workers each of us represents but the whole, is to be represented, then the position should not be a difficult one to fill, for the average of that work is not astonishingly high, as shown by the articles in journals, and the reports of our special societies. The treatment naturally divides itself into the method (a) before rupture, (b) at the time of rupture, (c) after rupture up to the fourth month, (d) from fourth month up to term, (e) after spurious labor. Martin's bandage not only fulfils these indications, but also exerts elastic compression of the skin, an action of much importance and utility for effecting absorption of infiltration and controlling any varicose condition of the superficial veins.

Most of the cases of so-called brachial neuritis are really examples of arthritis of the shoulder- joint, which may cause referred pain, or, more rarely, sets up a true neuritis of the adjacent nerves. Give him plenty of fresh air to breathe, but avoid drafts in all cases. After the curetting the discharges of blood never recurred, but she suffered from a profuse acrid discharge. The recent influenza epidemics have had as a result fi'equent attacks of angina.

Hall, some five or six years ago, had recorded two cases of apical pneumonia marked by severe head symptoms.

From this vantage point we looked about and saw the great spillway that carries off the surplus water, and that also creates the electric current that furnishes light and power for the gigantic machinery of the Panama Canal; the attractive towers from which the operators control by electric buttons the seemingly intricate mechanism; the traction engine and the engineer who guides the various ships through the great locks that will accommodate any vessel, regardless of size; the emergency gates standing idle waiting for the imforeseen. Hsemorrhagica, but not so high. The pain, nausea and vomiting, etc., usually make the diagnosis plain, but the exact cause of the catarrh is sometimes not so clear, although it can generally be found by careful investigation of the history and study of the case. An American Text- Book of Diseases of the Eye, This is the most complete and comprehensive book we have reviewed in years, It ranks favorably with the other volumes of the"American Text-Book Series," which have demonstrated their worth and have had their reward in the appreciative reception which has been accorded to them.

In some cases it remits for a day or two and in others it appears only on one or two days; so that examinations must be made daily in order to exclude it. He died with symptoms of tuberculous peritonitis.

We commend the work without reserve, and hope to see successive Obstetrics and Diseases of Infancy in the Philadelphia Policlinic; Instructor of Clinical Obstetrics in the Jefferson Medical College; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and of the Gynecologic Section thereof; late assistant in the Out- Patient Gynecologic Department of the Jefferson Medical Since the publication of the first edition of this book, and which received so encouraging a reception from the medical profession, operative gynecology has made such strides as to demand of several additions to this work, going more into the detail of this important department. It may also be considered a fortifier on account of its general tonic properties such as are obtained when Tine, of chlor. The disease is observed much more frequently in women increases rapidly in size during the period, and subsequently becomes reduced in volume.

On opening the abdomen the extra vasated contents of the stomach were found limited to the gastrohepatic area. Wash bowel with cold water; place a twitch on the horse's nose, and have front leg held up so he cannot kick; oil the bowel Commence returning the bowel at the anus, and gently return it; shove the parts well back in with hand and arm, and have some one hold his tail down tight for an hour or more, or until he stops straining, after the bowel is replaced. But this typical course is widely departed from in particular instances, and we know hardly anything of the conditions which lead to such variations.

All the cases of gangrene were observed in children the subjects of measles, which may be explained by a tendency of the febrile blood to form thrombi in the pudendal vessels. Olmsted in reply: With regard to what Dr.

I believe, however, that there are hundreds who have by inheritance that peculiarity of pulmonary soil which favors the development of the tubercular disease. The word treatment implies too high an estimate of the physician's powers; or if not too high, at least a too definite view of them. But those of us Avlio know him and have watclied his rapid rise during the past decade do not doubt for one niouient that his pulse Mill beat just as steadily in accepting the responsibility, and will If Me keep on with our victories we shall soon hold up our lieads among the peoples of the earth:

"Why not dilate the uterine cavity," said he,"and extract the foetus in this way?" This might, perhaps, be a bold and difficult procedure, but, in the hands of an operator as skilful as Dr.

It passeth all understanding how an intelligent and enlightened people whose capacity for dealings with those complex and trying questions which confront nations has won the respect and admiration of the world could so long commit the lives and health of those dear to them to the care of a class of people whose legal requirement for fitness to practice the healing art was the possession of sufficient money to pay the license tax and even this was not a prerequisite in all of the States. Many of these patients die from the effects of their disease.

Eddy in the ordinance to which I have a,lready referred, positively ordains that"Teaching Christian Science shall be no question of money." Will it be believed that Mrs.

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