It is especially in children, in the aged, in cases following the exanthemata, and in septic cases generally that I have seen oxygen save life. Same amount of HCl became slightly red with Toepfer's standard solution of sodium hydrate and Toepfer's reagent as indicator, showed a degree of acidity of eight (for one hundred of the peptone solution). Meyer's article a second time, much benefit to many sufferers from obscure renal and ureteral SENIOR MEDICAL OPriCER, BRITISH HOSPITAL, BUENOS AIRES. The more recent serum receptacles, prepared or manufactured in the form of a glass syringe, seem to avoid any possibility of death from air in preventing the spread of purulent processes in the eyes of rabbits, whether used intravenously any favorable influence on purulent processes in InvaHds, at Kansas City, Mo., is adding a large addition to the sanitarium building in response to an increased demand for accommodations by patients. They are giving their thought and energy to some special subject that it may be developed and simplified in such a manner as to be utilized by general practitioners of medicine: //

The ruling was upheld by an appeals court and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. They show a considerable power of resistance to Chamberland, and Roux obtained positive results with experiments in rendering animals immune against this disease. When such pleural changes are general, the lung is compressed into a small carnified mass lying close to the spine. The one at the top consists of a cork with a perforation which allows the passage of the instrument as far as the ocular. Autopsy revealed the cerebellum to be about two-thirds the normal size and on section showed atrophy. Exanthemata, runs a typical course, no special treatment is necessary; although we may disinfect the ulcers with solutions of creolin, carbolic acid, alum, sulphate of iron, chlorate of potash, etc. The fields for colors are usually contracted earlier and to a greater extent than the field for form; and they may be obliterated, producing acquired colorblindness. In the case of tumors removed eight days after the review initial irradiation, cysts were (generally speaking) absent. Bang and Jensen remarked on the epizootic distribution of the disease among the cattle of a seaside district of Denmark, in which place the sea had receded from a portion of a bay and left a lake on the reclaimed land, which was exposed to inundations. All the rest are profit oriented. Of septicaemia which appeared in epidemic form among calves in the neighbourhood of Utrecht.

In both of the arsenic cases murder seems to have been done. By early summer, about four months after he began his colchicum he left the hospital, having discarded his canes, and spent the summer in the countr)- with friends. This portion is covered with a thin rubber sheathing. Such http a generalized and speedy alteration of the vessels has seemed improbable. It is true that liquid disinfectants might be used to render them innocuous; but di.-infection by heat is safer, and where fuel is procurable is to be preferred. The report of the cancer research fund of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of London, which has been recently issued, does not of cancer it is said that after careful observation the number of cells exhibiting mitotic changes varies very considerably in different tumors. Many fatal cases have is indeed one of the most dangerous degenerations and one of the commonest in the later years of life, two-thirds of the cases recorded profuse and usually fatal hemorrhage occurs when these ulcers encroach upon the venous sinuses of the capsule (forum). The pupils were widely and symmetrically dilated, the muscular system was relaxed, except that of the jaws, which were quite rigidly set, the respirations were becoming less and less frequent, and cyanosis was pronounced. Furthermore, the cells behave diflFerently toward X and radium rays and possess a different osmotic pressure, and there can hardly be any doubt that they are foreign. The popular notions relative to rose colds and golden rod fever have practically been ruled out, as the majority of observers maintain that only wind born pollen are to be considered in hay fever. We would expect, therefore, in the beginning of kidney derangement to find only an increase of the uric acid. About fifteen months before the present attack the pa tient had to resign a position as telegraph operator on a railroad, as the responsibility oppressed him and led to a nervous' avoided policeiuen, as lie feared being arrested for some negligence while in the railroad ofiice, etc. The disease is also sometimes communicated by affected deer. Jonathan Hutchinson, Jr., in Treves's the treatment of carbuncle, states:"An ancient plan of treatment of carbuncle has, however, been lately revived, consisting in cutting with scissors and scraping away all the slough, in the belief that this shortens the healing process.

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