Sedate the nervous system, sleep is procured; passiflora is a true cerebrospinal sedative. If it be chronic lead-poisoning, recognized by a blue line (sulphide) along the margin of gums, drop wrist (extensors paralyzed), constipation, etc., give iodides to saturation (sodium and calcium iodides being best): sulphurated potassa baths (one or two ounces in water). The young birds especially are affected; and the old birds appear comparatively exempt. Isn't it an outrage upon society that the parents of such children were unable easily to secure information as to the prevention of conception? In the name of those who should have remained unborn, and in the name of those upon whom they must become a prey: in the name of All humanity, I demand that the outrageous law which prevents the dissemination of information to married people, as to how best to prevent conception, shall be repealed, and that as to such married persons, it be made the duty of the boards of health to impart that information, gratuitously. For another five years they should be subject to call in case of emergency, but otherwise free from military service. It is unnecessary to repeat that races are antagonistic and distinct, that marriage should never be consummated outside of the race, for if it is, and there be offspring, that progeny will be tuberculous and will enevitably die out. Following this is rest in bed, absolute repose, no reading, talking, looking at pictures, no sewing or knitting, not even allowed to feed themselves for at least six or eight weeks.

Byrne: that is frequently overlooked. But there are other kinds of vomiting which prove fatal suddenly and unexpectedly, without any apparent cause. Effects of this measure are limited to the colon, the fluid does not pass beyond the ileo-caecal valve.

These two conditions are closely related. A complete Systematic Treatise by various authors, including a Special Section on Surgery and Topographical Anatomy.

Duty requires us to aspire forward on the wall of progress.

From "" his investigations he comes to the conclusion that in some cases of pneumonia a high temperature is of good rather than of bad omen. Uniformly Effective, Agreeable and Lasting. The slowness is due to destruction of the cancer cells by the colloid metamorphosis.

The mucosa in these regions may appear perfectly uninjured, but by"blowing upon it with a tube it is lifled up like an ampulla to show an opening in its centre," though more frequently the mucous membrane collapses or sinks in at the region of destruction.

It does not, as might be feared, carry with it the necessary idea of sudden dissolution from heart disease, for the heart is the regulator, not the prime mover, of the circulation. This loss of memory in subjects suffering with excessive seminal losses, from whatever cause, has always been an extremely interesting subject to me. There is distress in the pit of the stomach or in the right hypochondrium, beginning about two hours after eating and lasting from four to six hours; intestinal distension with ga.s, eitlier in the small intestine or colon, with borborygmi and constipation, is generally present. Her respiration was often slow and large and deep, and then hurried; she always wrapped herself up in the bed-clothes, and either talked very much or was com pletely silent. He say s what ha wants to say and in the way he wants to say it without referenee as to wliat Mrs.

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