The author treats, under the head of exanthematous fevers, of small-pox, (natural and inoculated,) chicken-pox, cow-pox, varioloid, measles, and scarlet fever; under that of hemorrhages, of haemoptysis, epistaxis, hsematemesis, haematuria, uterine hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, cutaneous hemorrhage, and purpura haemorrhagica; under that of dropsies, of ascites, encysted dropsy, ovarian dropsy, dropsy of the chest, dropsy of pericardium, hydrocephalus, (acute, subacute, and chronic,) and anasarca; and finally, we have two very important diseases of the muscular or fibrous system, gout and rheumatism, in all their Those who examine these volumes, with an expectation of finding in them a catalogue of every remedy that has ever been tried for the cure of each disease deficient.

To relieve it opiates may be required. The under surface of the epiglottis is most often affected, and the ulcers are numerous, bilateral, small, and round. In my experience, for the large majority of patients tepid injections answered best. A little girl of about eleven months was aff'ected with" holding-breath spells" for a long time, and to such an extent as to become asphyctic. The results of the Institute's work seem to indicate that these measures are sufficient for the practical prevention Etiologically, hsemoglobinuric fever stands in the same relation to malaria as do tabes and dementia paralytica to syphilis. Such being the case, I first of all propose to state briefly some of the theories with a few of the pros and which is primarily the reason for this article. The proceeds of the party, which was opened by Provost Nimmo, were in aid of the Red band in attendance included Pipe-Major Findlater, V.C., two of whose autographs were auctioned by Colonel Haig, and A"Jubilee" garden party was held under the auspices of the Vale of Leven Bowling Club at Alexandria on the Vale Club's green. Be enthusiastic about the new doctor so that your staff will want to stay. Disease of the gall bladder is a manifestation of some form of infection, the results of which vary within the widest limits. The long duration of hoarseness and fever, increasing emaciation, and the knowledge of the presence of tuberculosis in the family are more conclusive than local examinations can be. However, in Czechoslovakia new ideas are likely to fall on fertile soil and it is only a question of time until lasting improvement will become apparent. Rmennbers have enjoyed premium savings on their We offer a plan that gives you the opportunity to earn back a portion of your premium at the end of your policy year, The physician search and triple net gain A quality medical staff is critical to marketplace, however, it becomes difficult to locate, recruit, and hire quedity further narrow the potential universe of quahfied job candidates. Health Images facilities are a community resource available to all area physicians. Paronychia may end in ulceration and destruction of the nail, or it may remain as a chronic thickening of the whole border where the nail is inserted into the skin of exuberant granulations being restrained by the application of nitrate of silver or nitric acid. I can only say the results of my experiments were amelioration and greater comfort extended to the patient's condition.

The first demand for the work was made on behalf of the persons disabled by injuries within the scope of the workmen's compensation acts. For every so-called journalist with a dull axe to grind, there are a hundred editors and reporters trying to do a good job on the local scene. Section of the spleen also showed the picture of severe toxemia with necrosis and hyalinization Sections of the intestine showed the extensive necrotizing enteritis. The immediate past president and the chairman of the Board of Trustees shall serve as ex officio on the University of Pennsylvania campus VALID FRIDAY, SATURDAY OR SUNDAY CALL THE SALES OFFICE FOR DETAILS! Hoover Anwar Associates is a full service professional' marketing organization serving the Medical commimity.

Or again, the found that if it wanted to be of real service it must take into consideration the family as a whole, not only the baby. Health classes have been very popular and in some cases courses had to be repeated.