CoRRioAX: I think on consideration Dr. The latter were about normal in size, the surface being studded with enlarged follicles.

No longer were there topographical differences in the volume of infection, for the bacteria were found in almost equal quantities in every part of the wound. If so, what is their total volume? W' hat is the effect of capillary action on the reading of the common condition of the vibrating culunni of air corresponding to uacli of these medium without angular deviation; what does this teach us? what do we learn from ibis observation? Give some explanation of the formation of these rings on the principles of the undulutory thciry of light tho absolute exivuision of mercury.

The question of legislating with a A-iew to limiting the destruction of small plaice, which has received much attention in recent years, may also prove important from the -epidemiological as well as the industrial aspect. Hut we possess in Guaiacol Carbonate a creosote preparation that is free from all these defects. The relations between the Medical adviser and his patient are necessarily of such a kind that even the most circumspect and watchful must in their daily routine constantly afford some opportunity for these accusations. They allow you to work"When the Sun Shines." They save Time, Worry and Expense, and thus Prolong Life. The fact that this could be done without increase of transport was of great military importance, for it was shown that dry pulses, if carried uusplit and soaked for twenty-four hours prior to cooking, germinated sufficiently to produce the accessory body. A diagnosis that admits of no doubt can only be based upon the finding of the gonococcus in the secretions or tissues. By proper medical treatment while the water is being used nearly all cases of the kind can be cured. The appendix was found, after some difficulty, behind the head of the colon and running downwards in the pelvis. Since August he has had no rest, day or night. This wound was the result of the second shot, the first shot having merely penetrated the left side of the President's traveling coat. The Conference was of the opinion that th's measure would stamp out the disease iu India if it were possible to ajiply it. Primarily, there is removal of force from the nervous filaments of the vessels, and removal of tension from the vessels: there is dilatation of the vessels, excessive local evolution of heat from rush of blood, and overaction marked by exalted functional phenomena. Upon my word and honor, gentlemen, that was a country at that time almost perfect: a perfect clime, perfect surroundings, perfect productions, perfect brain in perfect men and women. Whitewashed or papered walls should be scraped and done over. The condition had been stationary for twenty years till a few Aveeks ago, when the lip portion began to extend. "West that he had used means to excite the attention of non- Medical persons, and especially of women, to the subjict of self-abuse in say, in the next line,"My writings haye always been addressed writings and his other publications. Francis, revised ordinances of the city, it is unlawful for one to practice medicine or surgery in St. In dealing with these cases of perforated ulcer I have learnt that too much reliance must not be placed on a patient's previous history in making a diagnosis, and it seems to me that a mistaken impression of the clinical features of duodenal ulcer will prevail unless it is recognised that in a certain proportion of cases characteristic symptoms are absent. This procedure is indicated, because in curetting we leave cells and disseminate cells, while in resection we may inadvertently cut into the tumour. After the administration of belladonna'because the chorda-tympani is paralysed therefore a lack of secretion of paralysed causing a diminution of the The secretion from this membrane is -of this gland, like the others mentioned, is diminished or arrested by the use of belladonna or atropine whether applied locally or given internally. At this period, in fact, microbes are in such small numbers and so diluted by the blood, that they cannot be seen in A.

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