Profuse sweating is not uncommon; this may be general, or restricted to certain localities, such as the forehead, the back of the hands and feet. By some pathologists, the different varieties of febrile disturbance following traumatism, of which the most fatal is pyaemia, are all comprehended under the general term septicaemia, which designates a state of general infection, due to the absorption of putrid animal matter from an open wound; the putrefaction of discharges, which give rise to the production of the infecting material, results from the access of contaminated air, the contamination of the air being characteristic of the conditions which constitute what has been called" hospitalism. The symptoms which characterize this preliminary stage are, commonly, slow wasting of the bodily vigor, good spirits, pallid OT sallow complexion, animated yet careworn expression of the features, hurried and anxious movements, uncertain appetite, imperfect digestive power, and diarrhoea. We were then told that such a statement was all opinie right and proper, but the Board could not act upon it unless specific charges were made. Wheeler said that the specimens were interesting, as they suggested the question whether the difference in size was due to an arrest of development and growth of the smaller one, by the attempt to produce abortion, six weeks before, or whether it was a case of superfcetation. Like his prototype, Bob Sawyer, he expresses his ecstacy by grimace, laughter and gesticulation. It is made by stirring sufficient of the powder into an ordinary bread and milk or flaxseed poultice until it is black.

Less depressing; it is said to dilate the arteries and to promote nutrition. COMPOUND DECOCTION OF ALOES (Br.). Place the jar in an oven, or tie it tightly in a cloth and plunge it into a pot of boiling water for three hours. Peusuti made a full report of a case of an echinococcus cyst which he had in his Professor Rovighi read a paper on amyotrophic sclerosis. We recommend our readers to procure the volume itself, and when time permits to read an article in it till the book is We had the pleasure some years ago of reading and commenting on the first edition of this manual, and we have little to add to our former praise of the book, as it remains in the same form and has the same scope.

It is flat, brown in colour, with a white spot on the back, and is armed with a strong pointed beak provided with lancets. The joints of the affected limb are sometimes swollen, especially in very complete, long-standing cases; and fibrous adhesions may ensue, with eventual fixation. She remained much in this condition during the first two weeks of lumbricoid worm, and suffered much with nausea and retching during I now gave her one drachm of the fluid extract of spigelia and senna, followed in six hours with one teaspoonful of castor oil, which brought away, within twenty-four hours, thirty-seven large lumbricoid woj-ms. There was marked sclerosis of the intima, the cause of which was not determined. Being in order, resulted as follows: After the usual complimentary resolutions, the Society adjourned, to meet in St.

Such interference was unsparingly condemned by writers on the subject, their remarks, however, being applied to injuries, as no such operation had been hitherto contemplated upon idiopathic cases. It does this so completely, that if a piece of fresh meat be covered with a layer of it, no smell of decay will be perceived. The thousands of analyses made and recorded in the different States of the Union supply a basis for any one who, knowingly affected with small-pox, scarlet fever, diphtheria, or any shall willfully enter a public place or a public conveyance, or who shall willfully go into any other locality without a permit of the board of health of that locality, or who shall knowingly and willfully convey any child or irresponsible person affected with any dangerous communicable disease, or the corpse of a person dead from such disease, or who shall,' in any way, subject another to danger of contracting one of from place to place on the cars or in other public conveyance, knowing themselves to be affected with a dangerous communicable disease, and cases have been brought to the notice of the State Board of Health which would be covered by this proposed bill. How long it was since"nature's sweet restorer" had last visited her we are afraid to say; but calling upon her one afternoon, he found, her lying on her bed, sleeping as soundly and comfortably as any old woman could wish to do. Two of these are particularly to be kept in view and guarded against: one is the danger of relapse; the other, the possibility of the disease fixing itself in some way upon the constitution and becoming chronic. Foucher's method is inch outside the anal aperture, and to inject ten drops of a solution composed of three grains and a half of sulphate of strychnia dissolved in six drachms of distilled water. The extractum stigmata maidis reduces the action of the heart and increases diuresis.

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