There could not dawn upon Great Britain or upon the Medical Profession a day more disastrou.s than that which.should involve in one common ruin the corporations and universities of this country.

) A dictionary of practical medicine, comprising general pathology, the nature and treatment of diseases, morbid structures,.

They have been disarmed by a diplomacy shrewder and more effective than their own corrupt efforts. M.) Des maladies les plus communes dans la ville de glance at the sanitary defects of the site of London and with a passing glimpse at the hospitals. Ogle, where the soft palate adhered to the pharynx. Take lily-roots and mallow-roots, of each four boil them in a sufficient quantity of milk; then add fresh butter, oil of camomile, and lilies, of each two ounces; bean-meal a sufficient quantity: If the humour cannot be removed, but tends to suppuration, take fenugreek, mallow-roots, decocted figs, linseed, barley-meal, dove's dung, turpentine, of each three drachms; deer's suet half a Take of bay leaves, sage, hyssop, camomile, mugwort, and with water make an infusion. He was not able, however, to demonstrate the actual existence of this element; he simply assumed that it existed. Which on the right side in the region of the liver contained blood-clot. The rales of resolution appear at the usual time, but not earlier. But the work would be carefully watched, and if there was any reason to apprehend injury to health, it must be prevented at Mr.

The tubercular diseases of the skin, including those step-relations known as tuberculides, may be briefly disposed of by the reflection that as the object is to fortify the patient against the activity of the bacilli he should be urged to consume every nutritious article of diet that his stomach will tolerate. Currie, on the use of water in diseases of the human frame; and ou fever, opium, strong drink, abstinence from food, and the passages through the human skin: with Davidge (J. Its fever death-rate was construction of the sewers reduced the level of the subsoil: water, intercepting springs, and drying wells, many of which had to be deepened.

Czerny has shown that certain children present a congenital susceptibility to catarrh as well as to certain nervous disturbances, and to this tendency he has given the name"exudative diathesis," the extreme form of which is known as the status lymphaticus, when secondary changes in the lymphoid tissues of the body have given rise to adenoid vegetations, localized in the cervical glands. Experiments showed that the intracellular enzyms are present in greatest amount just before the fruiting stage is reached. Ricord's new medication." The strength of M. Bell Fletcher and his colleagues no member of the Council made the smallest In the first part of this paper, the author gave an elaborate review of the history of hysteric diseases from the earliest ages (a) An attempt of this kind appe.ired in the Times of last"Wednesday, Duchess, the accuracy of some of my statements, and denjing the authenticity of one of tlie letters from her Grace inserted in my narrarive. In one case, a man who had been severely bitten by several bees, found immediate relief upon being bled, (Coxe's for advice in his own case, the history of which was as follows: About three days preceding, while at work in his corn field, he felt a sensation of stinging similar to the sting of a wasp, but less pungent, upon the right leg, hand, in order to destroy the insect which he supposed had bitten or stung him, and leave the field, as the limb became painful and swollen, with faintness, nausea, and other sensations of an unpleasant character. We must not allow ourselves to lie down or fall asleep under the impression that the ancients knew all or have divulged all that is worth knowing. The first teaches us to do good to our enemies; and the second, not to do any harm to the human race. This is continued until, after ten to fifteen minutes, the temperature of the the extremities of the patient all the while. If the investigations have been carefully carried out and the patient has been meanwhile living as nearly as possible under the conditions he is likely to be in subsequently this will probably not occur. Bin.such as are dumb by accident are not deaf at all, for then there ariseth a local passion. Upon his return to Paris he was chosen one of the physicians (there were four in all) of the royal household, and from that time onward he was frequently obliged to set aside, for longer or shorter periods, all his personal interests (private practice, lecturing to medical students, hospital service at Hotel-Dieu, etc.) in order to attend the King or the Comte de Valois on some military expedition.

The mold continues to develop,, and about the time the fruiting stage is reached a softening of the curd appears just under the mycelium. There is no such critical loss of weight and condition if an adequate amount of water (tho distilled) is supplied. LiUllg'Vvitz (Aiit.) Die Vciweuduiig des Gmiinii. Fortunately the appetite is diminished also and very little food is taken.

I hold the postal card notifying him of his acceptance by that institution; also the subsequent correspondence. Impetus since the war has been in progress.

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