Some of these are doubt less not genuine, and many are cases of acute ulceration following burns, so that the undoubted cases on record do not, probably, much exceed one hundred. Comment reconnait-on les liydarthroses du genou et celles du poignet? Quel Maun (Fridericus Alexiu.s).

The mind, if not engaged in fome ufeful purfuit, is conftantly in queft of idle pleafures, or impreffed with the apprehenfion of fome imaginary evil. In the opinion of Sherman, it has been proved that milk is much more than a substitute for meat, in fact, it has been for milk. The argument will be raised that it means waste of the taxpayers' money. Great deformity may result froia the contraction of the scars which it leaves, for eiample, ectropion, stricture of the nares, and distortion of the mouth. (For further information on this subject refer to the chapter on the Relationship between Human Results of experimental inoculations of other animals with morbid secretions or tissue show, in general, that swine are readily infected with either of the two types of bacilli, that sheep and goats are most readily infected with material containing the bovine type and that dogs may be infected with large doses of either the human or the bovine with the exception of house birds (parrots), possess considerable resisting power against infection with the bacilli of the mammalian types. Any specimen that fails to hemolize completely in the presence of the cholesterin antigen is not used in the cholesterin tests, but it may be used with the alcoholic antigen, if its hemolizing power is good, according to the complement titration. Protinus ergo, ubi ista ccEpenint, aquae tepidse quam plurimum bibere oportet, et vomere. Respiration soon becomes The two chief reasons for the almost universal failure to make a diagnosis during life are first, the alleged rarity of the disease, and secondly, the extreme variation in the clinical picture. Fowls are resistant to the infection. The increase in the pyrexia, and in the frequency of respiration, are the symptoms of the most diagnostic value. Besides the paralysis, the weakness brought on by the emaciation contributes to the inability of the animals to rise in the later stages of the disease. Chloroform was administered, and on vagina! examination the presentation was found to be the right shoulder. Between such extremes, all intermediate grades of defect may at times be met with. Thus, in order to count the pulse and respiration, perfect quiet is indispensable, for the least movement quickens the heart's action, and alters the rapidity of the breathing. The disease is very easily transmitted artificially and appears to be caused (b) Hemorrhagic Septicemia of Cattle. He would not gag nor would the pillars of the fauces move when the pharyngeal reflex was examined. We shall talk all this over when I see you." Can there be a finer inscription for the tomb of him who now lies in Flanders fields? How many of us have beheld such a vision and have faced it quite as manfully? Irving Wilson Voorhees, M.D. (g) Tenderness in one or other iliac region, deep pressure upon which will sometimes evolve hysterical symptoms, and also in some cases of hysterical convulsions will check the paroiysra.

A tablespoonful of paraffin before breakfast will lubricate the intestine and keep the bowels in order, and grain of extract of colchicum made into a pill with efficiency. De la rage ou Pott (Carl Wilhelm). Simple salines, as potash in the lemonade, or citrate of ammonia, are useful; dilute acetate of anmionia, coloured with syrupus croci, is an old and good form; to this a few drops of ipecacuanha wine may be added, but neither expectorants nor diaphoretics have any influence on the cough until after the eruption.

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