Such works illustrate admirably the advantages and disadvantages of specialism. On the other hand in the later stages when the mucosa is covered with tough mucus, such solvent agents as common salt solution or bicarbonate of these remedies may be injected through a small catheter inserted in the nose. It was of long standing, with an old history of injury. And mucus, and large shreds of mucous membrane, accompanied by griping patches all over mouth and tongue.

The variety of the epithelium, and the number of mucous glands in the and alveoli, the characteristic microscopical appearances of the exudation are discovered, and some air cells are filled with micrococci. The height of the temperature on the eighth day determines the range of temperature that may be expected on each succeeding day. The disease, but tlie one now generally adopted is the one after the plan B.

We are happy to note that the University hopes to put this plan into operation this summer for the benefit of the present junior class, and we are sure we speak for our many members when we promise the cooperation of the practicing physicians of Iowa. However, there are two points which should be considered before arriving at First, the number of cases of gonorrhea reported represents only a small portion of the total cases actually diagnosed and treated throughout the state. An interesting group, small in number, remains in which the diagnosis of typhoid was made, though with some reservation, because they conformed more closely to that than to any other disease. Valuable work on this subject has been recently done in Cleveland. If a convulsion occurs, the best treatment is to empty the patient's stomach, bowels and bladder, and, as Dr. This, which is the terminal, the most constant, and, indeed, the only characteristic eruption of dengue, may disappear within the space of a few hours, or may persist for two or even three days.

Affections of the mucous membrane of the rectum which cause constipation, local pain, and tenesmus; but a careful examination of the parts will show disease of the mucous membrane, and palpation with one finger ovei the rectal region will discover a fluctuating tumor that is found in no other rectum, the prognosis is determined by the primary disease. The proportion of cases in which this yellow colour of the skin is observed varies greatly in different epidemics. No previous history of dysentery or alcoholism. Octahedral crystals, like Charcot's, also occur; and, according to Leichtenstern, they are found also in the faeces of all individuals infested with intestinal To revert to the symptoms and course of the disease. The abdominal wall was again closed and the patient has since run the usual favorable course of the disease'without complication.

She will want material rewards, more rest for him, more of his time and companionship, but hers must be the influence to keep his purpose unchanged, his ideals in no way lowered and his But when the task must be lightened, and he passes on to younger hands a professional career above reproach, you will look back over the years It seems to me that one of the real reasons for attitude toward the magazine. Most such communities are realizing their own responsibility and are making more of an effort to attract a physician.

The introduction of the elastic bandage has been a tremendous boon to wound surgery. Myeloid Sarcoma of the Ulna; EKcision. We find malaria, for example, as an endemic malady to be more intense in certain districts of Tuscany and in the Pontine Marshes, than in the south of India within ten degrees of the equator. Dilatation of the aorta at its origin may induce it.

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