My own preference, however, is for iodine, which should be added to the water until it has a light sherry-red tint. Although the anatomic site of cortisol-induced control of ACTH secretion is under dispute, it is likely that both the hypothalamus and the pituitary are responsive to cortisol levels. We do relieve its symptoms and bring about a remission in the progress with a shutting in of the lesions. Such cases often look very serious for a time, yet frequently recover completely after a brief interval. He spoke of the colon bacillus and the typhoid bacillus as common of gall stones. If mind and body are so inseparably connected, then it follows that proper physical exercise aims at the equal development and strengthening of all parts of the body.

Patients often find a garlicky taste in from tAvo to five minutes after administration. A second tmmel three feet beneath the first one was put in and cased. She said that her obstetrician had told her that they were common in pregnancy.

It divides all disorders of the thyroid into two large groups, diffuse and nodular. The pack-horse has long since disappeared from among us, perhaps entirely, by virtue of the great modern improvements in roads and carriages. In spite of this, there are practically always symptoms for which the patient can be afforded so much relief that he feels better than before. In such cases there is often a decided benefit, especially to the general health; but the direct effect on the lesion is usually inappreciable or at most very slight. When fainting follows the loss of blood the hemorrhage often ceases at once because the heart's action is so weak it cannot case, however, the bleeding is apt to start again sudden movement displaces the clot.

You are invited to compare the leading books available on each subject and make your OWN selection. Barker had not seen it leferred to. A practitioner has no right to feel displeased with a brother practitioner because he has taken some of his patients. Just as adrenalin was going to be injected the heart-beats returned, and the of a stopped heart, massage alone appears to be justified by the results of its employment in arrest occurring under the influence of anaesthetics. But here is a point which has been forced upon me in many cases, which may be common experience, or may be noted onlv in isolated examples; but I have found that in tuberculosis of the larynx this local focus will clear up and the patient get a respectable voice again, and yet when, as so often happens, the lungs are infected as well, the tuberculous process in these organs will go on more quickly than before. The author trusts he has omitted nothing of utility or importance, in those branches of his subject on which he has undertaken to treat. This is true in spite of the fact that their indoor life would seem to predispose them to the accumulation of fat. When the mind has become intensely occupied with a subject, it is not easy to relinquish it.

That is RESULTS OF TREATMENT CF TUBERCULOSIS IN THE I N CONSIDERING the results of treatment of tuberculosis in the trachea and bronchi, let it be understood that I am speaking from the point of view of the bronchoscopist and that the treatment I am dealing with is treatment applied through the bronchoscope.

The teeth and mouth of helpless patients should be washed with a gauze si)onge dipped in a mild Dying patients should preferably be removed to a separate room; but if this is not practicable their beds should be surrounded by screens so that the other patients may not be unfavorably affected by the sight. The patient is then bathed as needed and fresh sawdust is put into the bed. Never had any trouble witli ears previously, excepting slight attacks of tinnitus in right ear and also in left, but to so slight a degree as to cause no especial discomfort.

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